Cardamine : Host switching : Psyche butterfly

@Shraddha276 along with other Cubists made an abstract in the context of plant & butterfly interaction for ISEB Conference .

PC: @Shraddha276

Cubists were discovered cardamine as a host plant for Psyche butterfly !!

PC: @Shraddha276 @KiranyadavR

Here in this abstract @Shraddha276 & others introducing a new research question including the host switching & Glucosinolates activities in them .

PC: @Shraddha276

Do Non-Native plants can grow in India .

Yesterday (11/1/2022)the discussion was started with @Shraddha276 about Cardamine in connection with Psyche butterfly .

@Shraddha276 Introduce cardamine by saying cardamine is commonly available in every where in India .

Is that true !!

Then we discussed about how Cubists got cardamine plants .

Arunima got cardamine from Hilly area in Idukki ,Kerala .

Is there any differences in the area to which plant is growing .

The ecosystem in coastal area & Hilly area posses any differences !!

Where is the sourse of Cardamine plants !!

PC: @Theertha

@Theertha (Me), @Lakshmy @saswathy679
, got cardamine plants from plant nursery .

later @KiranyadavR said a story of her cardamine plant . @KiranyadavR Got plants from a plant nursery in Moradabad ,and mam got to know that the plant nursery people got this from Pune ,Maharashtra .

Do cardamine is a costly plant that sell through plant nursery !!

No plant nursery is having different varieties to plant ,in which cardamine is growing as weed .

From where this cardamine got transferred to pot !!!

@sakshiconsultant2002 Had a question that Can non-native plants grow in India .Also @Arunan had a question that 'Do Arabidopsis can grow in natural habitat (like soil ) .

Is there any evolutionary relation to which plant adapted to area to which they are introduced !!!

Later we came across the abstract that made by Cubists for ISEB Conference ,About the host switching in cardamine .According to that abstract, due to less availability of host plant (including cloeme )psyche switching cloeme to cardamine .

How we are going to present this concept !!
What are the other research question that we are addressing !!!

@sakshiconsultant2002 @shalinisharma98 @Shraddha276 & others

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Fabulous Observation- Cardamine is host plant for Pysche Butterfly. Has anyone made this observation before? @Theertha @Shraddha276 @shalinisharma98 @sakshiconsultant2002

Here are two papers published from CUBist on Cardamine - Psyche interaction

Arunima From Kozikode ,Kerala. Published on 2020.

Drishya and Dr.Binumol from SN college, Nattika,Kerala published on April 2022.

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