Cardamine : model system to understand genetic engineering

CUBE Homelab, morabadi Ranchi

Immediate objective: grow cardamine and check germination rate (in 3 different mediums: tap water, moist cotton, soil)

  1. To check the hypothesis: Higher temperature, higher and earlier germination.

  2. To check the life cycle of cardamine plant

Sort term Objective: to transfer single cardamine plants into another pot in 5 to 6 leave stage.

long term Objective: To perform floral dip method in cardamine plant.

:seedling:SET-UP REPORT​:seedling:

  1. Cardamine seeds were collected on 19/02/2021. From college garden (DSPMU RANCHI)
  2. Took 3 different mediums to grow cardamine seeds i.e tap water, moist cotton and soil.
  3. Setup was prepared on 27/04/2021 Made 3 replicates for each setup .
  4. Used 20 seeds for each setup.
    Total seeds used: 180 seeds

Labbeled all the set-up as
3 replicates in tap water : W1, W2, W3
3 replicates in moist cotton: C1, C2,C3
3 replicates in soil : S1, S2, S3

Fig: tap water and moist cotton setup

Fig: soil set-up; sowed 20 seeds in each pot

Watering: in soil watering once a day as it is moist . And adding water in tap water and moist cotton setup once a day.

Day 1 (28/04/2021) update : no change in any set-up.

In tap water and moist cotton setup expecting 50% germination after 4th day (on 01/05/2021) and maximum germination 90% after 8 days (05/05/2021)

In soil set-up expecting 50% germination after 5 days (02/05/2021) and maximum germination 90% after 10 days (07/05/2021)


Great Initiative @Rechel_tirkey what is the explanation of your hypothesis?.. it would also be great if you could give the range of temperature that’s what do you mean by Higher temperature how high?

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Why was Cardamine plant chosen? Any advantages?

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The hypothesis that I’m giving here is the higher temperature, Higher and earlier germination because of my earlier observation.

:small_blue_diamond: Earlier also I set up the same tap water and moist cotton setup on 30/12/2020 and germination started on 05/01/2021 after 6 days .
:small_blue_diamond:I kept 10 cardamine seeds in each setup. 3 replicates of both tap water and moist cotton setup. Seeds used were collected on 17/12/2020. From DSPMU RANCHI.
:small_blue_diamond:In tap water setup : 14 seeds out of 30 germinated (46%)
:small_blue_diamond:In moist cotton setup: 11seeds out of 30 germinated (36%)
:small_blue_diamond: Followed the observation till 13th day (12/01/2021) . 73% germination observed in tap water (22 seeds out of 30) and 83% germination observed in moist cotton .

:small_blue_diamond:Also the soil set-up prepared on 23/03/2021 and the germination started on day 5 ( on 28/03/2021).
:small_blue_diamond:Kept 3 replicates with 20 seeds in each pot. On 5th day 25 seeds germinated out of 60 seeds (41%). Seeds were collected on 19/02/2021 from DSPMU, RANCHI.
:small_blue_diamond: On 11th day (03/04/2021) 45 seeds germinated out of 60 ( 75%).

So, my hypothesis is that in January the seeds took more time (in tap water and moist cotton) than in the month of March - April ( in soil). So may be the heat or warmth is affecting seed germination. In Ranchi Jharkhand: The average temperature in January 2021 was 22°/9°C ( high/low) and in the month of March- April 2021 the average temperature is 32°/17°C - 36°/21°C (High/low).

Cardamine plant belongs to the order: Brassicales and the family : Brassicaceae. And interestingly the most studied plant system Arabidopsis thaliana also belongs to this order and family.

A. thaliana is not common here in India but Cardamine is common plant that we can find it anywhere around our locality . It grows like weed in garden also. So it is easily available.

The long term Objective is to perform floral dip method in cardamine plant. And we want to check the genetic transformation and want to understand genetic engineering.

The main advantage to use cardamine as a model systems that it is closely related with A.thaliana .
In A.thaliana floral dip method used for genetic engineering and we can perform floral dip method on our cardamine plant too.

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Okay, I didn’t know that Cardamine and Arabidopsis belong to same family. Thanks for clearing the doubt :grinning:.