:sparkles: Why Cardamine is a Good modelsystem for Genetic studies !!! @⁨Enas⁩ @⁨~Sidra⁩ @⁨Shraddha⁩

Short lifecycle
Less number of chromosomes
Whole genome is sequenced
A close relative of Plant model organism : Arabidopsis thaliana @Chitralekha @⁨Aditya Joshi⁩

:sparkles:Can we perform Floral dip method in our homelabs !!!How many of us having Cardamine now !?@KiranyadavR @Rechel_tirkey

:sparkles:Do Cardamine Could be a Good model system for Nanotechnology !?

:sparkles:What is Nanotechnology !?
How Nanomedicine is important !?

:sparkles:Can we synthesis the nanoparticle using plant extract !?

:sparkles:Does Plant material could be a good source of nanoparticle !

:sparkles:Please give a summary of your understanding about the synthesis of nanoparticle using plant extract @⁨Enas⁩ @⁨shalinisharma⁩ @⁨Shraddha⁩ & others

:sparkles: Principle of Spectrophotometry @⁨shalinisharma⁩ @⁨Enas⁩

:sparkles:Are we familiar with Spectrophotometry !?
How does Spectrophotometry!?

:sparkles:When a light passes through a solution ,the particles in the solution will absorb some amount of light and rest of the light get transmitted . The transmitted light is the measure of absorbance !
Please do comment @⁨shalinisharma⁩ @⁨Chithra Mam⁩

Does all wavelength of light will get absorbed by all particle !!

:sparkles:If a solution contain mixture of silver ,zinc ,cu then such particle will get absorbed by specific wavelength of light .

@⁨~Sidra⁩ @⁨Enas⁩ @⁨Dhanraj Tribhuvan⁩ @⁨Aditya Joshi⁩ @⁨shalinisharma⁩ @⁨Shraddha⁩ @⁨Chithra Mam⁩ @⁨Kiran ma’am⁩ & others

@Chitralekha @shalinisharma98 @Shraddha276 @dhanraj7 @Enas &others

Reference shared during Chatshaala discussion

Cardamine hirsuta: a comparative view - ScienceDirect RCO evolution and its consequences for leaf shape diversity in crucifers. An early divergent crucifer, Aethionema arabicum, contains a single LMI1-type gene (blue line). RCO-type genes (yellow line) arose from duplication (black dot) of an LMI1-type gene. Dissected-leafed C. hirsuta and lobed-leafed Arabidopsis lyrata contain both LMI1-type and RCO-type genes. RCO was secondarily lost in A. thaliana (red dot), contributing to the evolution of a simple leaf. Loss of RCO in the C. hirsuta rco mutant (− rco) causes leaf simplification while gain of RCO in an A. thaliana transgenic (+ RCO) causes leaf complexity. Cardamine hirsuta: a versatile genetic system for comparative studies. Summary
A major goal in biology is to identify the genetic basis for phenotypic diversity. This goal underpins research in areas as diverse as evolutionary biology, plant breeding and human genetics. A limitation for this research is no longer the availability of sequence information but the development of functional genetic tools to understand the link between changes in sequence and phenotype.

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