Celebrating GOOF UPS should be a habit of our culture

Celebrating GOOF UPS should be a habit of our culture

The term mistake/goof ups imparts really a negative atmosphere in today’s world. We all commit mistakes, but no one say it with pride that they have done it. People made the term itself protray in such a inferior manner, that people hardly talks about it.

So the question arise- What is this mistake or goof ups really mean?
Technically going by dictionary it quotes as follow- “Something that doesn’t work out in search for a solution. Often used interchangeably with error.” So what do you think is the negative in it? Or have you thought ever that what is the real truth hiding behind this word?

The definition itself says it - when you are working and then something goes wrong. The mistakes are rather an indicator that tells us we are working. When you are doing something mistake will happen. The deeper meaning is “you have taken something but you have mistaken it”.

In every education societal culture they have given an inferior door to Goof Ups, marks are deducted, punishments are given, you knowledge goes for a toss, you are mocked around and you get register in the bad books as well. But don’t you think that you learn a lot from mistake

Unless your are working, how will you learn, how will you know that you are doing right or wrong, how will you connect things of what you have learned and DON’T YOU THINK THAT IN THIS ALL PROCESS GOOF UPS PLAY A MAJOR ROLE IN IT

Shall we change thinking of ours? Or shall we constrict ourselves in the nutshell of previously burden practices…:thinking::thinking::thinking: What do you all think?

I would like to end this with a piece I wrote
Mistake after mistake.
That’s all I seem to make.
I take one step just to fall.
Take another and hit a wall.

I close my eyes, for I’m afraid,
Another mistake I know I made.
Yell at me, I know I did it wrong.
Try again? Am I that strong?

Can I take another step without fear?
What if another mistake is near?
Falling and tripping along the way.
I know I will get better at this one day.

I’ll keep trying no matter how long it takes.
One day I will learn from these mistakes.
They say practice makes perfection.
I want to learn from reflection,

And hold my head up high,
Looking up into the sky.
Able to walk without stalling.
Not worrying about falling.

Because at the end of this- it is me- I AM LEARNING

Share your views what do you think about celebrating goof ups and CUBISTS please do share your experience of goof ups you made
I have made many, and will love to hear your part as well:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Goof up itself is another lesson learnt. Very well written @bivasnag . :blush:


With every mistake you turn a new leaf any thing which is searched and REASEARCHed will have it pros and cons. A great write up and poem @bivasnag


Results are ought to be sweet and sour :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: @rahil.bhai_007


Firstly when got in Cubist family , making mistakes was part of everydays study…got To learn out of those mistakes … “Mistakes…Mistakes” i used to call it…Then got introduced to the word “Goof Up” …it sounded milder and even one would not think like he has committed a crime doing a mistake…
I too made many " goof ups " out of CURIOSITY you can say… but got to learn from every time made …
GOOF UP was like a step which was revised again by everyone to reach out to the main AIM


How about goof up on the concept of mutations and “survival of the fittest” in the context of Stephen JayGould & RC Lewontin and their idea of Exaptation ? @bivasnag


I couldn’t make a head or tail of the comment. What is Stephen Jay Gould’s goof up? Is mutation a goof up. Please clarify?

Yes Arunan. Even I am not clear as to what you had to ask. Can you elaborate?

It is also how Science is done. Doing an experiment is not doing what was planned. For me as a researcher the most exciting part of research would be the mistakes I would commit. As these help me further design my experiment. It is as much an integral part of an experiment.

I also feel that you don’t design the experiment and then do it. When you design an experiment that is just the first raw design which then constantly gets refined through what you learn through mistakes in the experiment. Thus mistakes are an integral part of doing Science!

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