Celebration of GOOF-UP🎉🎉

CELEBRATION OF GOOF-UP(Mistake) This is the last photograph of the cardamine plant i have with myself. This photo was taken on 9th October 2022. This plant was growing in a pot with a hibiscus plant. I was supposed to transfer this plant to a new pot but i didn’t inform my mom to not to disturb this pot as she was going to Remove the plant and use that soil for other purposes. And the next day she removed the hibiscus plant and Removed the soil and i lost my last of cardamine plants.

Now i don’t have any cardamine with me. I will visit some of my nursery nearby and see if they have got a cardamine plant in its vicinity like a random weed.

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I searched again at my home in every pot that i have in my all 3 balcony. This is the last cardamine plant that i found which was being eaten up by small snails. I transferred in this new pot and will observe if the plant will survive. Thanks to @Arunan Sir sir who persuaded me in looking after this again 27th May 2023. Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Photo AbhijeetSingh


Follow up on saving the
cardamine plant in Homelab.

Today I observed closely​:face_with_monocle: then i was able to see something emerging from the plant tip. I don’t know if it’s a shoot that the plant is giving rise to or some else but I’m hopeful.:smiley: Will follow it up. CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi, 30th May 2023. Photo AbhijeetSingh.

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Day 6 of Following up on
saving Cardamine plant. The plant doesn’t seem to be able to rejuvenate. You can also
see the amount of small snails moving around. The size of snails is somewhere around 2mm-5mm. What are all things they’ll be eating? Cardamine is one among them for sure . CUBE Homelab Ulwe
Navi Mumbai, 1st June 2023. Photo AbhijeetSingh.

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