Change the button at bottom to Submit the topic

Change the button at bottom to Submit the topic

In creating a topic …I begin with clicking on Create a Topic… When we create and write about the topic. We need to publish the topic… so can the coloured button phrase (blue) be cahnged to … Submit Topic or Publish Topic…

As of now Create Topic is appearing twice…n it’s confusing…

We should try to avoid all confusions of this type. It is still not clear what will be the best term to use in both the contexts. It is not difficult to make the change, it is difficult to think of an unambiguous text to show.

“Create topic”

“Done” is the most unambiguous thing to me. We will keep this open till we hear other suggestions.

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What is this you are referring to @meena74?

This is about button and text on button feature about the site…

Which site are you referring to? Which button? @meena?

Now on when we compose a topic or edit, we will see the button as “Done”. " New Topic" remains un touched.

Ok, good to know that changing the name of button to “Done” is done :grinning:

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