Chatshaala discussions: Fruitfly

Following Chatshaala summary written by @shalinisharma98

Amritha has taken an inspiration from batul ma’am and immediately initiated the TRSV media preparation for fruitfly capture.

:sparkles: What are long and short term aim of conduction the experiment using fruitflies?

:sparkles: Are we interested in any particular fruitfly? If yes, what?

:sparkles: What is TRSV media and significance of ingredients that we are adding?

@⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ ⁩ @⁨~Charvi⁩ @⁨Theertha⁩ @⁨Sakshi⁩ and others.

Now comes execution part, how are we going to execute whatever in our mind in order to trap some fruitflies for our future experiment.

:sparkles: Do we know about any easy method of trapping fruitflies? Or we have to rely on sophisticated procedure?

:sparkles: For trapping, we can just take tomato slices in one transparent plastic bottle and left it open till the fruitfly enter; once its done bottle can be closed with cotton plug?

:sparkles: How do we identify Male, Female, and gravid Female? What prominent features they possess?

:sparkles: What next after trapping? Can you suggest something @⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ ?

Here we had an interesting discussion by @⁨Batul Ma’am⁩ ma’am based on the results that she got in her HomeLab.

:sparkles: Does temperature affect the duration of life cycle? If yes, how?

:sparkles: If we take above sentence as an hypothesis and do similar studies on fruitflies; will we be able to say something more clearly?

:sparkles: How much of temperature difference is considered as significant in fruitflies case?

:sparkles: Are we sure about exact temperature that our fruitflies culture getting? Will it differ from place to place?

:sparkles: What will be new design of an experiment?
@⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ @⁨Theertha⁩ @⁨~Charvi⁩ @⁨Abhijeet CUBE⁩ @⁨Aditya Joshi⁩ @⁨Lakshmy CUBE⁩ and others.

One fruitfly was noticed on TRSV media in @⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ HomeLab. 30-01-2024.

Following summary written by @Enas

Todays Chatshaala Discussion started with Fruit fly.

:sparkles: T H Morgan (Nobel prize winner) has studied on Red eyed and white eyed fruit fly ( how eye colour gets inherited from one parent to other)
• If we have 10 fruit fly how many could be red eyed and white eyed?
:sparkles: What is meant by dominant and recessive character?
:sparkles: How a fruit fly gets red colour in the eye?
• Fruit fruit fly have gene which when gets expressed ( from mRNA then protein) gives red eye colour.
• Our blood in red because of the presence of Fe2+ which when gets oxidised in the presence of Oxygen gives red colour. So is there any relation in red eyed fruit fly that presence of Fe2+ helping in giving red colour ?

How does iron equipments gets rust (say iron nail) ? Why don’t we get rust all the time?
•Then disscussed about fruifly experiment done when i was in 11th standard.
Some CUBists from Delhi hypothesised that during winter fruitfly are not present. So to check whether it’s actually true or not i have done an experiment.
:black_small_square:Half sliced tomato kept on the kitchen window for four days but didn’t found any fruit fly.
:black_small_square:︎ After i tried with peels of Chikoo and found fruit fly after 2 days.

Revised experimental setup to find fruit fly during winter in delhi and to find whether tomato attracts the fruifly more or Chikoo and why?

Then @saida told about the Science Exhibition which are going to be held in Navi Mumbai.
How CUBists by discussion makes the complicated and sophisticated experiments easy and affordable to do.
Saida reminded the quote of Obaid Siddiqi that Sophistication should be in mind and not in labs.

Yesterdays Chatshaala Discussion started with NMSF conference

• Who all joined the conference?
• What are model systems being discussed there?
How Fruifly are getting attracted towards any fruits?@⁨Theertha⁩ @⁨shalini CUBE⁩ @⁨~Charvi⁩

• What are Different type of eye colour found in fruitfly ?
What is dominant and recessive gene ?
• What is the sex of male snd female fruitfly ? And *how is the sex being determined in case of fruitfly and humans? @⁨Arunan sir ⁩ @⁨Chithra Mam⁩ mam @⁨Batul Ma’am⁩ mam @⁨Theertha⁩ @⁨shalini CUBE⁩ @⁨~Charvi⁩

What is gene and chromosome and what’s the difference between them? @⁨Charvi⁩ @⁨Theertha Cube⁩
• How chromosome are packed insude the cell?

Akansha has joined from Cube Sophia college. She is studying about Parkinson disease using fruitfly as model organism.

What is dopamine ? @
What is neurotransmitters ? How signals are transferred from one neuron to the other?

• Parkinson is a nuerodegenrative disorder in which neuron of brain which regulate dopamine level are basically damaged which first cuases olfactory dysfunction ( non motar symptom) and then motor function ( visible symptom like shivering of hands all the time).

Following summary written by @shalinisharma98

:partying_face: Wonderful initiative taken by @⁨Amritha CUBE⁩ @⁨Batul Ma’am CUBE⁩ ; which has initiated discussion on this beautiful model system.

:sparkles: But why fruitflies?:honeybee: What is so special about them?

:sparkles: What kind of study can be done using these small fruitflies?

:sparkles: Do we study circadian rhythm? How that study can be done? (Are we aware of any Noble prize given to this study on fruitflies)

:sparkles: How does genetics studies can be done in these fruitflies?

:sparkles: While discussing we came across halteres, where it is present on fruitfly’s body? Why only one pair of wing is present; what happens to another pair? How many pair of leg does fruitfly have? @⁨Theertha⁩ @⁨Aditya Joshi⁩ @⁨~Dhanraj⁩ @⁨~Charvi⁩ and others.

Congratulations! @⁨Aditya Joshi CUBE Mumbai⁩ for keeping set-up in order to trap some fruitflies. What is your expectations now? which food item will be highly preferred by fruitflies and why?

One fruitfly observe in the setup where we have tried to figure out it’s body which is divided into three parts. Head, thorax and abdomen.

Fruitfly was patiently listening Aditya and Arunan sir .
Place : Cherukkad, Kozhikode
Time :8.30pm

Close pictures of the fruitfly.
Place : Cherukkad, Kozhikode
Time :8.30pm

Group photographs of participants in January month:

w1118 flies from the lab. (White eyed wildtype)
Photo :Rahul

w1118- Completely normal with movement and development. @KrishnaMelnatturLab

Photo :Rahul


U can use BSRV medium so it contains banana, sugar, rava and vinegar.
take 1 banana 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, 5 teaspoon of rava, smashed and mixed them well and then added 100ml of water using sanitizer bottle and then cooked it on low flame for around 5 minutes.
Switch off the flame.
After 2 minutes of turning off the flame At the end add 1ml of vinegar.
Transfer using funnel into the bottle which was dried well in sunlight…
Close ur bottle with the cotton to avoid any contamination

    TRSV stands for :tomato: Tomato Rava Sugar Vinegar media …
    Ingredients required
    • 1/2 tomato
    • 1tbsp Rava
    • 1/2 tbsp sugar
    • 75 ml water
    • 7.5 ml vinegar…
    Add rava tomato sugar in a pan …
    Then add water to it …
    Cook on the flame for 10 mins.
    .{When you see the ingredients getting mixture n it’s thick enough to pour in the bottle}
    Switch off the flame and let it cool.
    Later add vinegar to it and mix well…

:point_right:Then transfer into ur bottle which u had dried in the sun…
Close ur bottle with the cotton to avoid any contamination…

Whiteboard screenshots of chatshaala:

Why are we interested in Fruitflies !? Can we trap and culture fruitflies in homelabs ?
To trap the flies, can we use a baits in a bottle?? For culturing Fruitfly do we need medium ?
How to make TRSV medium in homelabs !? @⁨Sakshi⁩ @⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ @⁨Himanshu Joshi⁩ &others.