Circadian rhythm of *Portulaca grandiflora* , *Dischidia nummularia* and *Phyllanthus*

Circadian rhythm of *Portulaca grandiflora* , *Dischidia nummularia* and *Phyllanthus*

This is a story of a flower pot , and story begins when the Phyllanthus spotted .

I have one flowerpot , where I planted Portulaca or 9 o’clock plant , Dischidia nummularia together but later Phyllanthus grew itself . In Phyllanthus and portulaca we can see sleep and wake behavior but in Dischidia there is no sleep and wake behavior observed. In morning, Phyllanthus leaves wake up early and than 9 o’clock plant’s leaves , in evening it’s just opposite 9 o’clock sleep early than Phyllanthus.

On 20th August 2019 ,
sunrise timing 5:26 am
Sunset timing 6:17 pm

In morning

At 6:00 am , Phyllanthus is waked up and 9 o’clock plant’s leaves are sleeping.

at 7:00 am , 9 o’clock plant’s leaves waked up and also it’s flower bud is about to bloom .

At 8: 00 am it’s flower is still not completely bloomed .

It’s flower is completely bloomed and leaves of Phyllanthus and 9 o’clock plant are awake .

In evening

At 5:00 pm , Phyllanthus leaves are open and 9 o’clock plant’s leaves are closed .

At 6:00 pm , both plant’s leaves are closed.

At 8:00 pm , both plant’s leaves are closed.

On 23rd August,2019

it was a rainy day and there was no sunshine because of clouds from the morning.
Sunrise timing 5: 27 am and
sunset timing 6:15 pm.

At 9: 38 am , Phyllanthus leaves were open , flower bloomed because it was more than 9 o’clock , but it’s leaves were closed.


Heyy @Rechel_tirkey… nice to see all these beautiful plants…
Not being a Botany student but a biotech student…its really beautiful to see these plants.
After coming to CUBE…I started to know the names of these plants !!
Didn’t pay attention to all these before and even if I paid attention… I wouldnt have understood !!

In these pictures the plant with the broader leaf is Dischidia nummularia???
I know the Phyllanthus and Portulaca grandiflora…but not Dischidia nummularia… :confused: