Common Jay Caterpillar took three months for transforming into Butterfly

Yesterday we had a *Breaking news * :star_struck: from @SaraKalamudeen

In the month of ~June @SaraKalamudeen saw a *Jay butterfly layed egg on Annona plant * ( Sour sop plant) .

Two days later @SaraKalamudeen observed a *Caterpillar * on it .*The interesting thing was pupa took ~3 month to became Butterfly * .:scream:

What may be the reason for that !?
Do we have any previous reference about these long pupation !?
But After 5 days the butterfly died .What may be the reason for that !?

Then we made a comparison between Common Jay butterfly with blue bottle butterfly and Tailed Jay butterfly.

Then there is an interesting question by @jaikishan *Do Common Jay mimic Blue bottle butterfly *!!!

According to @SaraKalamudeen common Mormon mimic Common rose for to *escape from predators * .
So @SaraKalamudeen don’t think this will mimic .
@jaikishan Pointed that *Common Jay is brighter than Bluebottle ,so can those butterfly can mimic *,for to escape from predators .
We can continue the discussion with @jaikishan @SaraKalamudeen about" *Do Common Jay can mimic Blue bottle butterfly *" !?
On what base butterfly mimic eachother !!!

We also discussed about the *Phyllanthus miniforest * of mine that is attracting Ant ,moth,and butterfly .

I got *two caterpillars from Phyllanthus plant * .Now one is in pupa stage other is in caterpillar stage .
*The interesting thing was during caterpillar became pupa ,caterpillar made a hairy covering around them * .Two days before i got another type of caterpillar ( not look similiar to previous one ).

Let’s take initiative to *look into Phyllanthus plants for catching caterpillars * !!!