Common Rose Butterfly Identification

Common Rose Butterfly Identification

Development of common rose butterfly
:star_struck:adult butterfly came out of the chrysalis​:partying_face::sparkles:

  • it was a female butterfly
    *forewing dorsal side: black forewing, with white shade lines all over it
    *forewing ventral side: same as that of dorsal side
  • hind wings dorsal side :- black coloured, a row of faint red crescents towards the margin, a row of white spots above the crescents.
    *hind wings ventral side: same as that of dorsal side. The crescents will be bright red in colour. Head: red colour Abdomen: larger ,black and red coloured

( not a mimic of common Mormon butterfly: common Mormon mimic common rose butterfly by same wing pattern. But their head and abdomen will be completly black)

By Andria
(Kalady, kochi, Kerala)