Connecting Modelsystems together

:butterfly:Butterfly as a taxonomist. :herb:

:butterfly: @_Seema_11 From DHEMPE College ,Goa *received gift from @Arunan in the form of Caterpillars *

:butterfly: @Arunan Got *Caterpillars from Chempa tree * !
*Why butterfly are so choosy * !?
Common mormon lays eggs on Curry leaf plant ,Lemon & on .

:herb:Is there any specific reason for that !?
*How actually butterfly find their host plant * !?
:herb:At @_Seema_11 's Homelab she *used Ashoka leaves to feed caterpillars * !!!
:herb:How you came to know about Ashoka Plant !
:herb:Is there any *scientific reasoning * behind it !?

Please describe @_Seema_11 @Anjana CUBE Alathur.

:butterfly::butterfly: *Home lab updates of @_Seema_11 about the lifecycle of Tailed jay * !:butterfly::butterfly:

From 7 th November to 20th November !?
How you identified these as Tailed jay !?
@_Seema_11 @SaraKalamudeen
Well presented :clap:

:honeybee::honeybee:Connecting *Butterfly model system with Fruitfly model systems *::butterfly::butterfly:

:honeybee:@Anjana from CUBE Alathur is currently working on Fruitfly .

What is the *common thing between Butterfly and Fruitfly * !?:butterfly::honeybee:
Both are insects and under Arthropods !

:shamrock:@Anjana interested to study about the *Circardian rhythm in fruitflies * .
Please describe your culture set up @Anjana CUBE Alathur

:honeybee::honeybee:How can we differentiate Male and female fruitflies !!

:honeybee:Based on the shape of the abdomen !?
:honeybee:Male and female having *differents in the shape of their abdomen * .
:honeybee:Other than that is there any another features !?

:honeybee: @Seema made a experimental setup for *understanding the activity pattern in Fruitfly * .

:honeybee::honeybee: 2 days datas are represented in
two lines .
:honeybee:Do this graph showing something interesting !!!
ofcourse !!!
Here we can see the *maximum no of flies are at 5pm at both days * .
also in 9 to 11pm .
Plases explain your work here @_Seema_11 @sakshi

:honeybee:Very less no of flies are present in 12 am.
Like wise @_Seema_11 not expected flies there in after 1 pm .

How we can go for to find *Fruitfly mutants *.

:honeybee:For that @_Seema_11 made a experimental setup to trap circardian mutants !

:honeybee:How we will *ensure that the flies she got are circardian mutants or not * !!!

:honeybee:Can we trap the flies that are active at night and culture them !!!?
Please explain the setup !