Construct your own Turtle Robot and Program it to draw different shapes

Robotics fascinates all of us and we wish to have one small robot to have fun. So lets get into this challenge!

Develop a turtle robot (wheel drive) which can move around on the surface and can also draw any shape by simply following commands from the computer by writing a code.

Below is image of first educational robot introduced by Seymour Papert called Turtle.
LOGO programming language was used to make this robot navigate and draw shapes.


Below is one of the link of the turtle robot video from youtube.

To know more about Turtle robot read this micro blog.

So how about building your own Turtle Robot (Hardware) right from scratch, which involves designing and building of chassis, figuring out type of motors (DC, Stepper, Servo etc) to be used, computing board (Arduino/Raspberry pi) to be select, type of wheels to use , designing pen mechanism and providing connectivity (wired/wireless) to the computer.
And also the coding interface (Scratch/Snap4Arduino/TurtleLogo etc) to make your robot to follow the commands and draw different shapes.

Can you construct and code a Turtle Robot which can draw a sine wave on a sheet of paper. And what other complex shapes or arts can it draw.

Report your work done and achievements through pictures, messages and videos.

While you are making whatever questions you have, whenever you need help, do not hesitate to ask by replying to this topic.

Some References to know more about how to get things done