STEM Games

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This is a platform for Collaborative Open Online and Ongoing Learning (COOOL) through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) games. We publish activities/projects periodically, which are specially designed to inculcate STEM habits among participants.


Why Games?

People like playing and spectators enjoy watching games because they follow the rules. Can we make STEM as interesting and absorbing as regular games? STEM practices are rule following activities. Nothing is a game unless it has rules. Can we also make the rules of STEM games as explicit and accessible as popular games? STEM practitioners are recognized for certain action patterns (habits) and these are not difficult to cultivate. Can’t we design contexts in which these habits are not only developed but also granted recognition? Keeping this view in mind, we redesign projects as games through gamification.

Who can participate in the STEM games?

Students, teachers, teacher educators, researchers, citizen scientists, homeschooling parents/students or in fact, any curious mind. This means it is open to all.

If you are a teacher:

Browse and choose an activity from the published projects at an appropriate level for your students and enroll them at the site. The best mode of participation for teachers is to gather 5 - 20 students as a group (number can be more) and send @referees of this platform a message to create a group for you. All the students need not be of the same age or grade. While sending the message please mention a name for your group. Examples of group name can be based on school/college name followed by a section. You can use the same group for several activities or projects. We do want you to collaborate with others as well. In case you want to invite other teachers or other students from the platform, please invite them to your group. Since STEM games are collaborative, group formation is recommended. Keep encouraging the students to gain badges and cultivate STEM habits, and in the process use this opportunity to see how we identify and assess STEM habits.

If you are a student:

Please try to form into a group of 5 - 20 and invite a teacher who is known to you to guide/mentor while you do the projects. If you cannot find a teacher due to some reason (after you gave a serious try) please elect one of the students as a mentor. All the students need not be of the same age or grade. The student-mentor can send our @referees a request mentioning the reason why a student should be the group leader, suggesting a name for the group. Group membership need not be rigid, you may invite others whom you get to know at this platform as well. Since STEM games are collaborative, group formation is recommended. We recognize such participants with badges if you invite and form groups.

If you run a STEM Lab

Please write a note in “STEM Chat” about the work your lab does, the problem you are investigating, and opportunities of participation by others (particularly students and teachers) in your project. When you and your group of investigators join STEMGames, we can create a group for you where you can discuss your research on a regular basis, even if it is among your group. This way you give everyone an opportunity to learn about how STEM labs work. The regular lab practices help us to develop STEM Habits, but most students and teachers of STEM have little access to these practices because they do not happen in an accessible space. Consider using STEM Games arena (this platform) as a place to have conversations about your research project, Every lab that joins us will be recognized as a lab partner of this platform.

If you are a teacher educator:

You can do the same as a teacher above, except that your students are graduating for an education degree such as B.Ed or M.Ed. This platform can be a great practice ground for them in project-based and activity-based education, and also on how to assess STEM habits.

If you are a STEM education researcher:

Join us and watch the playground of STEM games. You can investigate whether STEM habits are actually getting cultivated, whether STEM habits enhance conceptual understanding, examine the design principles of the games/projects, critique any of the processes happening here, provide feedback on the effectiveness of the activities, provide help to @referees and the participants. If you wish to join as a referee, design a project keeping the author guidelines in view and send your proposal to @referees.

If you are a Citizen Scientist:

This is a great place to be in, because we provide citizen science profile to most projects to encourage participation from any interested citizen, and not limited to formal educational institutions. You are free to become part of a project/activity based on your interest. If you want to form a club or you already have a club in your locality, we strongly encourage you to send us a request to form a group preferably by your club name. We have a supporting platform to design data collection and data analysis tools.

If you are a Home Schooling Parent:

If your child has an email, this could be your children’s safest online academy. Please select a project that is suitable for your children, and encourage them to learn by participating in a project. Create a community of other such parents and children and encourage your children to learn through investigative projects. This community could mentor your children to develop STEM habits among others.

If you are a STEM Activist:

You may have already got a community as well as projects. We can recognize your community members, by recognizing the STEM habits that you are cultivating among citizens. You can also host your projects at this platform. We would also be happy to encourage our members to take part in your activities, to promote your STEM project.
Write blogs about your projects and stories from the field to inspire the visitors here, and tell members how they can join your projects.

If you are an administrator:

By administrator, we mean principals/head of the departments/dean/director of schools or colleges. Please encourage your teachers and students to participate in the STEM games. Provide them a space to form a STEM club in the campus. Send us a message if our @referees, who can conduct an orientation session at your place. We can try our best to travel to your place if possible, otherwise, we can always schedule a webinar (online meeting) with your teachers/students/staff. The projects at this site are a great opportunity to make your labs active. If you do not have facilities, we can provide ideas on how they can be sourced or fabricated. The tinkering projects at the site help you to build a lab from scratch at a minimal expense but enhanced learning. If you have an Atal Tinkering Lab in your school/college, we have great project ideas.

If you are a curious member of civil society:

You can become any one of the above, depending on what role you wish to play in the STEM games. You could navigate around the platform and participate in any activity in any which way you wish. Since this platform is open, online and ongoing we have a place for any curious mind interested in STEM.

Your are invited!

If you are above 13 years old and have an email, you can join us, and it is free. We want to keep this platform safe for everyone, and so we follow several norms that are easy, inviting and friendly for all. Please read the FAQ/Guidelines, our Privacy Policy before joining.

If you have any questions, need clarifications, please send a message to @referees.