Copperpod Flowering a Context for Landscape Designing, Gardens and Seasonomics topic in Curriculum

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Copperpod trees are flowering in the Southern States of India @⁨Theertha CUBE⁩ @⁨Amritha CUBE⁩ @⁨~Anu Az⁩ @⁨Aastha Cube Delhi⁩

When do copper pod trees flower? Do you observe some difference in the flowering pattern?

Which are the Avenue Trees? Are they part of our Curriculum.

In Somaiya College we had it in our Elective paper of Horticulture and Landscape Designing.

How these daily common observation connect with curriculum?@⁨Theertha CUBE⁩ @⁨Sakshi Ratnam CUBE⁩ @⁨Smiti⁩ @⁨Saida CUBE⁩ @⁨Aditya cube⁩ @⁨Priti Didi⁩ @⁨Aastha Cube Delhi⁩ @⁨~Enas⁩

[22/04, 8:59 am] Priti Didi: Avenue trees and shrubs line our streets, decorate our squares and provide valuable green features in our cities, towns and villages. Often planted in lines, avenue trees and shrubs are usually of the same species or cultivar to give streets or parks a uniform perspective.

A quick Google search
[22/04, 8:59 am] Priti Didi: So we can observe them easily while walking or traveling
[22/04, 9:05 am] Aastha Cube Delhi: One thing I remember about Avenue trees are that they absorb sound, and also they have some role in reducing pollution from vehicles which I will have to find references.

One type of pollution I can think of from vehicles is carbon dioxide which trees can use during photosynthesis.
[22/04, 9:05 am] Abhijeet Singh: So what’s the science behind planning these arrangements and alignment and choosing the species?

Are there any prerequisites for selection of a species as Avenue Trees?
[22/04, 9:06 am] Priti Didi: I think they should be able to grow anywhere in all weathers must be the prerequisite
Then being shady must be another
[22/04, 9:08 am] Abhijeet Singh: Should they be native of the soil?

What do you think about choosing palm as Avenue Trees?
[22/04, 9:10 am] Abhijeet Singh: Makes sense! @⁨Aastha Cube Delhi⁩ but how do you think trees absorb sound?

Do they act as a barrier and contain the sound to a limited region or they absorb?
[22/04, 9:10 am] Priti Didi: Ye
palm may not be that good option
As the coconut might fall on someone
[22/04, 9:11 am] Abhijeet Singh: Also a few varieties absorb lots of water. I think it’s not sustainable for the soul quality
[22/04, 9:12 am] Abhijeet Singh: Let’s find some references for communication!
[22/04, 9:16 am] Priti Didi:,crown%20is%20balanced%20and%20dense.

Avenue trees: what requirements do they need to meet?
Good avenue trees need to meet a number of criteria. They must have straight trunks with a vertical top and a free trunk height of at least two metres. During cultivation, quality trees are regularly pruned and the branching in the crown is balanced and dens
[22/04, 9:16 am] +91 98205 56421: NMMC has planted different types of trees in different nodes. Will check the website
[22/04, 9:29 am] Abhijeet Singh: Navi Mumbai: As part of its clean and green city initiative, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has decided to plant around 40,000 trees of indigenous species during this season. Meanwhile, the civic body has already created two urban forests through the Miyawaki method of plantation at Nisarg Udyan in Koparkhiarane and Jewel of Navi Mumbai Lake in Nerul while planting around 2 lakh trees of various species. This time, it has focused on planting fruit bearing trees across the city. Plantation had already kicked off in some places with the advent of monsoon.

[22/04, 9:30 am] +91 98205 56421: Pimpri Chinchwad has plenty of tamarind trees along the highway
[22/04, 9:56 am] Abhijeet Singh: In my Ulwe area, I see lots of bottle palms.

Even if you have seen the trees on palm beach road!
The name of road suggests the trees there.
[22/04, 9:57 am] Abhijeet Singh: Recently they have started with Neem, Peepal, Junglee Badam etc
[22/04, 10:25 am] Aastha Cube Delhi: What is miyawaki method of plantation
[22/04, 10:33 am] Aastha Cube Delhi:,was%20theoretically%20expressed%20by%20G.

Here this reference says that leaves, stem and branches contribute in absorption, scattering and reflection of sound.

It also says that when sound waves reach leaves they are interact with the leaf surface and are converted to thermal energy due to friction
[22/04, 10:44 am] Abhijeet Singh: Miyawaki is Japanese style of gardening!

@Aastha1 Yes I think you are correct. It’s a way of creating forests.

Miyawaki gardens or plantation are those places where it shows how this method of foresting can be done and how it looks.

pocket forest is created by planting native trees and shrubs in close proximity as a means of rapidly restoring native plant species in damaged ecosystems. While forests naturally grow through a primary stage and then a secondary stage before reaching their climax stage, pocket forests are created by a dense planting of climax stage species which grow rapidly in competition for sunlight. The concept is based on the work of Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, whose “Miyawaki forests” have inspired a variety of pocket forest methodologies adapted to different climates and spacial constraints.

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