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Hi all,

Did follow up with Julia. Am ready to schedule a meeting - tomorrow 5 p.m.?



Ok mam thanks, we will attend

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Joining meetings in short notice is almost impossible for many of us who are attending many online meetings both at work and otherwise. Async discussions are much better – there is flexibility for more people to attend and hence more inclusive, and people can participate in discussions whenever they want without being bound to a specific timing that might work only for a few.

I cannot attend this meeting at 5pm today so sharing my comments below re. website:

  • Functional roles: Savithri and I can work with Julia if we have a list of names and their roles – community members (they need to be CCGN members) can volunteer to be a) editor/moderator for incoming posts who would check the incoming content and approve (someone with content moderation, editing and/or journalism would be a good fit), b) tech moderator for any technical assistance on the WordPress site.
  • Post submission: Apart from these two regular roles, any CCGN member can be an author to submit an update on their recent CC-related activity. Non-CCGN members, when they have any update, should be allowed to submit too but we probably have to publish their submissions as a guest user (as that’s how it would work on WordPress) and they can mention their name, designation and/or other details in the post body. N.B. “Post” can be a placeholder for an article, news and even op-eds. On WordPress, there is a distinction between posts and pages as it was originally designed for blogs. It’s advisable to have as many posts as possible but keeping the number of pages limited is a good idea.
  • Languages and mediums: CC-India should and must represent the pluralism of India and allow posts in different languages and different mediums (text, audio, video). We certainly do not have representation from the entire country. But the posts can be multilingual and can be in multiple medium as long as they further the larger goals of open content and CC licenses. We also probably won’t have editors/moderators to check the content so it falls on the shoulders of the uploaders (authors) to self-edit before submitting.

Those of you who can attend this meeting, please do take a note and share the actionable points here in this thread so that the rest of us can check what was discussed. Also, those cannot attend are encouraged to flesh out more ideas. This thread can be the log book for all things website.


As discussed in the Friday Meeting, We are forming a team to get the CC India website up and running.

Lets catch up for the first round of discussion tomorrow (Wednesday 8 Dec 2020) at 8PM. Everyone who is interested in investing time and contributing in terms of design, review, content and development are totally welcome.

The meeting will run for 45 minutes.

Agenda :

  1. What should be the takeaway from the website.
  2. Website design adhereing to the principles of CCHQ ( )
  3. Task specific ownership and timelines (Roughly, Design , Content & Review). Once we have the first version of the site up and running, we can start with localisation.

Meeting Link :

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Meeting at 8 p.m. today. Do join.
Meeting Link :


Shifted to next MOnday. Sorry!