CUBE has given me path way of science curiosity to pursue the passion of my work in science with logical scientific and experimental content support.
It is a platform of knowledge upliftment were we try to connect with our students and motivate them to initiate simple science research work.
my journey with CUBE began on 18th of August 2018 It was just like a normal science workshop invite at SAJS, Kanpur which i attended it became a never ending journey if science expedition and experience. It was my first interaction with the CUBE team. I was fascinated in the CUBE workshop on seeing the operation of the students who were being given the charge as mentors to train their team research methods and model organisms.

The work shop was eventful day of extensive training to both teachers and students.
I carried with me to my home a motivation to work and collaborate science in a different manner.
After years of teaching and learning science I wanted to tread the new path of innovative, creative and simple hands on science.

As a cubist mentor it was my duty to pass on the inspiration of research in very palatable way. It began with the collection of indoor mosquito samples we did not know the methodologies, we kept asking questions our queries were catered and well guided by the veterans who kept eagles eye and a watchful pursuit.

Learning is never ending process i am proud to be part of the cube team.

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