CUBE Awards 2021

CUBE has always tried to recognize the efforts and dedication of CUBists. Let it be Research projects, Mentorship, Popularising STEM Education and Communication, and even their inquisitive and curious attitude.
For the Same CUBE has dedicated some awards to the fellow CUBists and here are the list of Awards and Awardees.

  1. CUBE DD Kosambi Young Scientist Award

  2. Veronica Rodrigues Award For Perseverence

  3. KS Krishanan Student Mentor Award

  4. SK Mahajan Award for Popularization of Scientific Pursuit

  5. CUBE Regional Resource Centre Award

  6. Obaid Siddiqui Award For Pursuit Of Excellence

  7. CUBE Kishore Bharati Grant/Assistantship

  8. CUBE Kishore Bharati STEM Leardership Award

  9. CUBE Anil Sadgopal Award for Popularization of Science, and Contribution to Science Outreach

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS :partying_face: :partying_face:. We look forward to your further Contribution in STEM and Inspiring other. :grin: :blush: :innocent: