Key points of today’ss CUBE COACHING CLASSES
Smiti is SyBiotech student preparing for her final exams of EVS i.e. Environmental biotechnology.
In this she having 2 major topics -

  1. Bioremediation
  2. Biogas productions

Whta is connections between bioremediation and biogas productions?

According to Theertha,…Biogas production is a part of bioremediations.

How peoples produced biogas at home? Whta is a chemical reactions?

How methane formed from living organisms?
Khushi drawn gobar gas plant for methane production.
In the gobar(Cow dung), there are bacteria(methanogens) present which are playing role in formation of methane from organic material.

How we can produced alcohol at our home?
Coconut water is using to make toddy. How we can make toddy from coconut water by keeping it open?
What is difference between distilation & fermentation?
How to connect processes like Distilations,Fermentations, Steralizations?

Reference shared during CUBE Chatshaala
Bioremediation refers to the use of living organisms to remove contaminants, pollutants, or unwanted substances from soil or water. Bioremediation - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics.

Toddy is a alcoholic drink got from palm or coconut tree. In Mangalore, Goa and Kerala Toddy is also used to make (Sannas)Idlis Appam . Here is a step by step guide about How to Make Toddy from Coconut Water? at home. How To Make Toddy From Coconut Water | Spices And Aromas

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Why is it referred to as coaching class? @Theertha @Shraddha276 @smiti

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@ Smiti is SyBiotech student from CUBE Elphinstone’s college and she was preparing for her final year exams of EVS i.e. Environmental biotechnology.

So, during CUBE Chatshaala we were helping @Smiti by discussing topics which was there for exams.