CUBE foldscope workshop December 2021

As CUBists, we have always believed that Science is not just limited to Laboratory, apparatuses and material sophistication and we have proved this with our “CUBE HOME LAB MOVEMENT” that Sophistication is required in our Mind​:smiley::star_struck: So to make science more reachable to people we are organizing a foldscope Workshop!

Some of the fold scopes have already been send to active CUBists and we will be sharing more fold scopes to other CUBists after the workshop and we shall continue the series of workshop to explore foldscope- a pocket microscope.


TIMING: 6-8 PM in continuation of CUBE chatShaala session



Please click on the CUBE (BLUE) to join the CUBE foldscope workshop

The workshop will be facilitated by RAFIKH SHAIKH

We Encourage everyone to join the workshop and be a part of this movement! even if you don’t have a foldscope as we will be dispatching more foldscopes to more active Cubists, in coming weeks and months.
Invite all your friends, colleagues and others to take part in this workshop

we are very much looking forward to your participation.:relaxed:
Thank you!


What a wonderful session we had yesterday where many of us were involved and learnt to assemble paper microscope that’s foldscope and yes many concepts are left to be uncovered so we will be discussing all the questions related to foldscope in upcoming CUBE FOLDSCOPE WORKSHOP SERIES and indeed the discussion is also going high in CUBE WHAT’S APP GROUPS
Glimpses of yesterday’s CUBE FOLDSCOPE WORKSHOP DECEMBER 2021

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Foldscope assembled by the CUBIsts during the session

Foldscope assembled by @Smiti

Foldscope assembled by @Ashrithapatta

Foldscope assembled by @Misbah

Foldscope assembled by @Anjali Chuahan

Foldscope assembled by @Abhi0703

Foldscope assembled by @Shivamkumar_Sriwas

Foldscope assembled by @Shraddha276

Foldscope assembled by @2020ugchsncnseethala

Foldscope assembled by @navaneelsarangi1

Assembled foldscope by @Aastha1

Foldscope assembled by @drishtantmkawale

Supposedly, relevant parts of Foldscope detached from the main frame,supplied by @Arunan

Some of the pictures clicked by the CUBists using foldscope during the workshop

Pic Credit @PChitralekha

Onion peel
Pic Credit @Sunita123

Cardamine leaf: Pic Credit: @Abhi0703

Papaya Pollen ; Pic Credit: @Shivamkumar_Sriwas


YouTube Video library of foldscope
How to assembled a foldscope ?


Algae producing Oxygen Through Foldscope 2021-12-15T22:17:00Z (CLICK ON THE BLUE WORDS TO WATCH THE VIDEO)

Algae producing Oxygen :heart_eyes:. I took some sample from my Algae-Moina Culture(Algae-Moina Culture Video) and placed it on a glass slide and put a coverslip.

I had Insect Dissection-box at home which had a slide and coverslips. I placed that under the foldscope and took this video

Expectations:- I was expecting to observe filamentous algae when observed from foldscope. I mean long thread-like green structures like that.

Used mobile torchlight for lighting and place it on the floor and placed the foldscope on that so that it will be stable and I’ll get a clear image.

The Magnification of the foldscope is 140x.

We can also see how the oxygen bubbles are trapped by the algae against the walls of the container

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