CUBE Interaction with Japanese members of Asian Association of Biology Education (AABE)

The Asian Association for Biology Education (AABE) is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to the advancement of biology education and the dissemination of information relating to biology education. The Japanese members of AABE were very keen to know the Collaboratively Understanding Biology Education (CUBE) way of Collaborative Learning Process. Dr. M.C. Arunan sir along with CUBists organised the CUBE & AABE Group Interaction in which Dr. Teiko Nakamichi from Tokyo Institute of Biology Education and Dr. Midori Inaba from Aichi University of Education met CUBists on 5th March 2024 in NES Ratnam College of Arts, Science and Commerce and K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce (KJSSC), Mumbai.

I gave a presentation on the story of CUBE and its philosophy to students of Ratnam College and members of AABE at NES Ratnam College. A workshop was also conducted as a part of the introduction to the model system for Ratnam College students Aditya Joshi from SICES College, Shivam Kumar Sriwas from ICMR, Shraddha Sonavane from R J College, Smiti Gupta and Dhanraj Tribhuvan from Elphinstone college, Sakshi Beloshe from Sophia College were the mentors in the workshop.

Later Dr Teiko Nakamichi and Dr Midori Inaba along with Dr. M.C. Arunan visited the Somaiya CUBE Lab which is Regional CUBE hub and Interacted with students. Abhijeet Singh and Ayush Shetty from KJSSC, Smiti Gupta and Dhanraj Tribhuvan from Elphinstone College and Sakshi Beloshe from Sophia College interacted with Members of AABE Group. This Interaction at K J Somaiya College was supported by Ashutosh Mule, Somaiya Centre for Experiential Learning, Dr Meena Patankar, Convener, KJSSC CUBE Committee and other Members of the CUBE Committee.


@Abhi0703 gave a great presentation on CUBE emphasizing it’s philosophy and history, though with in limited time made available at the Ratnam College session.

Please give a short summary of your presentation. @Abhi0703


Great to see Indo-Japanese Cubist Collaboration :innocent: