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Following are the photos shared by Cubists from AllenHouse Public school, Kanpur & the follow-up discussions.

1)Mosquito model system:

Male Aedes Aegypti mosquito captured today at 2:45 pm on 20th February 2024 in Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur by Isha Chandna CUBE Kanpur

[20/02, 4:12 pm] Arunan sir : How do we know it is male Aedes mosquito? @⁨Isha CUBE⁩
[20/02, 4:17 pm] Arunan sir : Does male mosquito feed on blood? @⁨Isha CUBE⁩
I heard that Male mosquitoes feed on plant juice.
Please give a summary of the location and lifestyle where we can find male Male Anopheles mosquitoes. @⁨Isha CUBE⁩ @⁨Hina CUBE⁩ @⁨Sakshi⁩

Post by @isha.
Sir we know that it is Male Aedes Aegypti mosquito as my capture shows white spots on the legs as well as the lyre like structure present on the thorax region of this mosquito,the feature that tells us that it’s male is the bushy bristles even though not as clear of a capture of the bristles still we can observe a little.I have marked the identification features in this photo to make it more understandable.

Mosquito identified - non aedes (male)
Identification feature- no white dot like structures in body parts and bushy antenna
Location- Halsey road Kanpur (indoor)
By- Kavyanjali Chauhan Cube Kanpur

Male non aedes mosquito captured at 6:21 pm on 24th February 2024 (Inside)in Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur by Isha Chandna CUBE Kanpur.

Male non aedes mosquito captured at 1:57 pm on 24th February 2024 (inside)in Swaroop Nagar,Kanpur by Isha Chandna CUBE Kanpur

[24/02, 3:05 pm] Arunan sir : What do you mean by non Aedes mosquito? @⁨Isha CUBE⁩
What is the importance of that?
[24/02, 3:31 pm] Isha CUBE: Aedes mosquitoes are mosquitoes which have white bands over their legs and different identification features on their thorax region to identify their types but white bands will be common in all aedes mosquitoes.

Non aedes mosquitoes are mosquitoes which do not possess these characteristics.
Non aedes are of many types but over the years veteran cubists from Kanpur identified 2 kinds which were most commonly found in our city .
They are - Anopheles mosquito and Culex mosquito
Culex mosquito spreads West Nile fever and Japanese encephalitis whereas Anopheles mosquito spreads malaria.
[24/02, 3:40 pm] Abhijeet CUBE: “Culex mosquito spreads West Nile fever and Japanese encephalitis”

I haven’t heard of these 2 diseases spread by Culex mosquito. Can you tell more about it?.

Japanese encephalitis
Caused by Culex mosquito

West Nile Fever

Caused by Culex mosquito

Aedes mosquitoes-

Characteristics of aedes mosquitoes

Our collaborators from CUBE Kanpur are Kavyanjali Chauhan ,Ma’am Hina Mudgal ,Rahil Mudgal and myself.

Looks like, two Mosquito sisters caught while gardening. 11:25 am 23 March 2024 Madel, Thivim, North Goa Photo mcarunan

Garden mosquito at 11:17 am 23 March 2024 for help in identification. Madel,Thivim,North Goa Photo mcarunan


Post by @Isha
Aedes Aegypti mosquito has a lyre like structure present on its thorax
Reference- Aedes aegypti - Google Search

Aedes Albobictus has a line like structure present on its thorax

Aedes Vitattus has 4 dots present on its thorax
Reference-Aedes vittatus (Bigot, 1861) | Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit (WRBU)

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The mosquito appears to drink blood through a cloth; many times they have bitten me through my shirt or trouser. If male mosquitoes too develop a taste for blood, we are in trouble.

I thought that male mosquitoes do not feed on blood, but when I searched, I found a reference that says Culex quinquefasciatus males feed on blood as well.

In agreement with the literature, male and female proboscises and stylets were in general of similar size, but male mandibles were significantly shorter than female counterparts, thus explaining their inability to pierce through skin layers.

Blood- and sugar feeding of female mosquitoes has been frequently observed in the laboratory and in the field, but only sugar feeding of males has been reported. Here, we describe for the first time that *Culex quinquefasciatus males feed on blood as well.
Nevertheless, feeding on blood reduces the survival rate of males to just a few days, as compared to more than a month for mosquitoes fed only on sugar.

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