CUBE Kolanchery meet

CUBE Kolanchery meet

CUBE meet is being held at Kolanchery, St Peters college. St. Peters college is a Cube regional resource centre for establishing model systems and catering to nodal centres. The meet is organized by student cubists mentors with teachers as facilitators, who are guiding more students to join the activities…

Some of the highlights of the event are as follows,

Group Drosophila explaining circadian rhythm and culturing of fruitfly.

Phyllanthus explaining the sleep-wake cycle

Group earthworm explaining the RER assay and Regeneration experiments.

There were also presentations on Model systems Hydra, Planaria and Moina.

CUBEists of St Peter’s with (from the bottom left) Susha miss, Arunan sir, Jagannadh sir and Shalu miss.
Date: 19/9/2019
Place: St Peter’s College, Kolenchery