Cube meet 2019 - kolenchery

Cube meet 2019 - kolenchery

CUBEists of St Peter’s with (from the bottom left) Susha miss, Arunan sir, Jagannadh sir and Shalu miss.
Date: 19/9/2019
Place: St Peter’s College, Kolenchery

The world of Scientific research is challenging, but with the right guidance, is a very fruitful and enjoyable pursuit. The CUBE meet that took place today, under the able stewardship of @Arunan sir provided a conducive environment to induct the new CUBEists into research.
During the interactive session, Arunan sir showed pictures of 3 eminent personalities and asked us to identify them. While all of us, enthusiastically identified Virat Kohli, we were clueless about the other two. How could we have failed to identify Venkatraman Ramakrishnan sir - the Indian scientist who received Nobel prize in Chemistry :grey_question: This is just a classic example of how rarely Science and scientists get the spotlight. Initiatives like CUBE can bring Science to the spotlight - encourage young minds of India to take up this noble pursuit. Science is not simple memorizing a few lines from a textbook, it is exploring and doing, uncovering and understanding, it asking questions, raising doubts, and reaching to conclusions. It is dynamic in nature and does not always settle for one answer.

Group Drosophila explaining circadian rhythm and culturing of fruitfly.

Group Phyllanthus explaining the sleep-wake cycle

Group earthworm explaining the RER assay and Regeneration experiments.

There were also presentations on Model systems Hydra, Planaria and Moina.
Group Hydra explained collection and regeneration in Hydra. Group Planaria compared regeneration in terrestrial and aquatic planaria. And Group Moina explained the culturing of Moina.
Today was an amazing day and I look forward to more enjoyable experiences with the CUBE community :smile:

Indeed awesome :heart::metal: @Akshitha tell us about the presentations in short ? What happened? What all things were discussed? To what depth questions were asked ? Did the students enjoy and learn from the questions? How many students are now gonna start maintaining their own model systems? Please tell us about all these things so that more people will know about what’s the idea behind CUBE and even @Arunan sir will understand how great and inspiring talk he gives :star_struck::heart:

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Are all Kolanchery cubists added to stem games site?
Please ask them to send report of their work in meet?
@Abhishek @Akshitha

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