Cube national meet 2023

Announcing the first ever offline CUBE National Meet after the lockdown (22nd July & 23rd July 2023)

We are excited to announce our first offline/hybrid CUBE NATIONAL MEET after the lockdown! Pandemic was a very turbulent period for everyone but it also gave us the opportunity to connect online with thousands of people across the country and which made us carry forward and expand the idea of learning science through home labs.

Collaboratively Understanding Biology Education (CUBE) program:

CUBE started out as a 5-week workshop to engage students in discovery based research experiences in 2012 at Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) with 18 students (from 4 colleges). With the help of Simple Model Systems, CUBE encourages to understand and solve complex problems by making informed decisions through collaboration. As it progressed, CUBE evolved as a community of sustainable engagement of students for science education in general and biology in particular. In the CUBE community, teachers play an equally crucial role, serving as the primary driving force, encouraging students to learn science by regularly chatting about their investigations.

It has always been the vision of CUBE to develop unsophisticated resources for research but with sophisticated ideas, so that learning biology and doing research will be easier for everyone. Since the lockdown, the participants have been regularly connecting with each other online without any interruption for more than 1200+ days. This experiment proved beyond doubt that we can collaboratively learn science through investigations at home labs.

Kishore Bharati announces the first ever offline CUBE NATIONAL MEET after the lockdown organised in collaboration with K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai and Somaiya Center for Experiential Learning (SCEL). This Meet would be held on 22nd & 23rd July 2023 at Somaiya Vidyavihar Campus. This will also be streamed live on youTube to connect participants by online mode. (i.e hybrid mode)

The theme of this year’s National Meet is:

“Reimagining Biology Education and Research: Connecting CUBE Homelabs and CUBE Hubs through gully cricket model of doing science.”

The event will be preceded by a two-day workshop with all the participants on 20 & 21 July, 2023, in Somaiya College CUBE Lab.

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Cube national meet 2023 (2 posters) pdf .pdf (3.7 MB)

We invite you to join our daily online discussion sessions on BIGBLUEBUTTON that take place every day from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
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For Easy Coordination among Collaborators you can join the WhatsApp groups dedicated to each model system:


*1. Fruitfly WhatsApp Group link:

*2. Earthworm WhatsApp Group link:

*3. Hydra WhatsApp Group link:

*4. Dogs WhatsApp Group link:

*5. Nematode WhatsApp Group link:

*6. Moina WhatsApp Group link:

*7. Phyllanthus WhatsApp Group link:

*8. Seasonomics WhatsApp Group Link:

*9. Nail Regeneration WhatsApp Group Link:

*10. Zebrafish WhatsApp Group Link:

*11. Microbes WhatsApp Group Link:

*12. Rotifer & Pagalapos WhatsApp Group Link:

*13. Cardamine WhatsApp Group Link:

*14. Mosquito WhatsApp Group Link:

*15. Snails WhatsApp Group Link:

*16. Ants WhatsApp Group Link:

*17. Butterfly WhatsApp Group Link:

Above link is the YouTube Live streaming Link of DAY 1 of CUBE WORKSHOP (20th July 2023), Where we had the Causerie session from 3pm to 5pm.

Day 2 of CUBE Workshop 2023 (21st July 2023)

BBB Recording link

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