CUBE Sapekhati:A CUBE initiative for School Students

Following are the photos shared by @Susanta_Tanti in CUBE Groups:

Cube Sapekhati Activities on 16March2024: A cycling trip from School to Dilli Reserve Forest and Dillighat ( Dilli river) . Cubists ride 50+ Kms today and collected samples of state tree (hollong) seeds, Water from dilli River. Participants: Kashyap, Koushik, Gitashree, Mayuri, Ankita and Nishant.

Cubists are collecting water samples.
Photo :@susanta sir

Separation of Cardamine seeds at Cube Lab, Sapekhati by Sumixna Date

Microscopy : freshers learning how to handle miceoscope. Cube Lab 20th

Today 11 cubists take part in activities. 20March2024

Causery on floral parts . Today at Cube Shala at Cube Lab Sapekhati. Describing by Girashree Date : 21/03/2024

10 cubists attend today at Cube Lab Sapekhati. Selfie by Bristi 21March2024

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