Culturing single line Daphnia at Home labs

@sakshiconsultant2002 and @KhushiGupta are trying to culture Daphnia at their home labs. She narrated the CUBE story of the 1 million Daphnia project which was started with culture collected from pond in CHM college, Ulhasnagar. The story of Moina which was transferred through @kajalkumari to ANDC college, Delhi and its identification as Moina macrocopa JSK-1 was narrated.

The question was asked if the Daphnia is taken from pond into bottle, it will be a representative picture of pond. Then how do we know its Daphnia or Moina or some other type of water flea. It was discussed how can we get single line culture of one species, similar to single line culture in fruit flies?

@KhushiGupta said she can collect a single Daphnia and add it to a bottle with dechlorinated water, (500ml) and add a drop of milk to culture single Daphnia.
The question was asked if Daphnia can reproduce asexually?
@KhushiGupta said she will collect gravid Daphnia in a bottle.

Khushi said she will first identify Daphnia under a microscope and then culture it. @KiranyadavR 's proposal was that why not culture the Daphnia and identify later like Subhojit and group did it.
@KhushiGupta explained yes it can be done and after few days, all the offsprings coming will be from single mother hence they will be single species Daphnia.

Khushi said in her case it will be advantage if we identify and then culture the organism rather than culturing unidentified organism like in Kiran’s case.
But it was later discussed if the organism gets damaged or if we found that its male Daphnia or some other species, then what we do?

Therefore, even if we dont know the species in Kiran’s model we will be able to get single line culture which can be identified later.