Curiosity need an ambiance to wriggle out: star_struck

Curiosity need an ambiance to wriggle out: star_struck

I joined CUBE in April this year thinking that Can I do something, am I capable to learn something, Is it like interesting or not? Is it the same thing that is being traditionally done in the school? Many things used to flung in the mind at that time… I was confused :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s been two months since I have joined Cube, the perspective of my approach towards science is highly influenced by the ambiance of it. For me now it has become a home for me, ** every day to learn something new** became my passion, it is the same thing which took away my sleep rather I don’t want to sleep at night just to ensure whether any discussion I have missed or not It is the place where the organisms became the Avengers model for us and an utmost change in overall approach in everything changed.

So the question is- why I was not able to have the same approach before, was I not exposed to science, why flowering of mango didn’t give me a kick of curiosity, why nails, pollens, and flowering of Gulmohar was ignored by me

Was I was not curious at that time?

The ambiance makes a difference every time, the every ping on Whatsapp group of cube gives you something new, where people are here to clear your doubts, where no questions are lame, where there are no marks, where there are no boundations, where feeling for organism became the utmost priority, where the 3idiots movie dialogue- science is everywhere from pen nip to pant zip meets reality

It integrates you, your every aspect of thinking process…:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Similar things happened with me and I integrated my poetry skill with the things that have led to an idea revolution in my brain

So here it goes …

A poem on cube tells us a glimpse of what we learned in the lab

CUBE- an interesting name
Will not give you a certificate for fame
Where no questions are really lame
Let’s introduce u to the real scientific game

Working here- is not like a monotonous hour
We all share results sweet and sour
Questions that arise challenges really far
Causerie tells us where the mistake is ours.

Csbz is one of the oldest we know
Where we face the problem of how to grow?
Ideas pop out from to and fro
It is the drosophila model we all know

C elegans is one of the smallest one
Met to an end for the goof ups we have done
Many new things we are getting to learn
Finding elegans from India will be a home run

Moina macrocopa u all know the name
Cube lab has given it light and fame
Bottles and milk is the part of the game
Epigenetic is the question for which we tame

E fetida wriggles out of the earth
Question of regeneration and cancer is hiding in its girth
Do you think our notion is really worth?
The mystery of cells is soon going to unearth.

Rotifers are the new member in the group
Present in the water from every nook and crook
Bdelloid is the one we are only interested to look
Absence of males- is the reason we took

Cardamine- is a part of it
Although it is a plant; it is quite fit
Many ideas snapped out from chit bit
Ask me question it says and we are doing it

Another two of them is hydra and snail
ALSO, We have started working on finger nail
Flowering of mango we saw sitting on cube rail
Work on Mimosa we all should hail

Then comes the main hero in the role
Who teaches us the way to see our goal
More than a teacher rather a scientific soul
With everyone help we are learning to reveal the hidden blackhole.

This is not the end of it
Everything is scientific is not a myth
Ask question whenever you sit
Who knows; one day Nobel prize will be in your kit

Please share what you feel? And how you arrived at the unison of curiosity and science.


Oh man!!:heart:
Even for someone totally unaware about CUBE and all, this poem sure does tell you a lot.
Keep writing and thanks for sharing info about this.:yum:
Curiosity does require an ambience


Amazing experience you had in CUBE…along with all of the other cubists…you are doing a great job in motivating others as well as learning great things yourself…:clap:
Awesome poet!! :+1::+1:
Had a great time altogether in CUBE…great memories built together with great learning experiences unforgettable…:sunglasses:


Whaaat? Is it Bivas talking…?

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Yes @Arunan sir :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Don’t let CUBE affect the human sleep cycle or circadian rythm… even when circadian rythm is favorite study in fruitfly…

Sleep deprivation is a unhealthy HABIT… If not STEMHAbit :slight_smile:

Well, who knows perhaps there may a study on you as model organism to find out how CUBE affects the CUBISTS circadian rythm. :smile:

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Quite creative, I must say!.. Science meets poetry…


Yes it is stem habit there is so much to learn as I said every ping of watssapp is a source for new knowledge I am proud to be a cubist @meena74 @Arunan

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You have forced the architects of this App to add a new habit, called ‘poetic’ and a new badge called ‘poet’. When we make that badge, sooner than later, you will be the first one to get.


Ure an enormous scientific intellect @bivas…i appreciate ur endeavour and spontaneity of discussions…curiosity…is the beginning…of
science education…:blush:


Awesome poem @bivasnag it tells everything about CUBE.


It is exactly the ambience I craved in my life,I have got the taste now I will help other to give an essence of it @Hinaiqbal_Mudgal