Curiouser and curiouser

"Curiouser and curiouser!!!"
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
We’re all Alice’s in the wonderland of science. Curious to know why the universe is the way it is and thus inquiring into the natural world and its phenomena with the goal of understanding how the world works.
I’ve always been curious but had the irrational fear of asking questions, telling myself they were irrelevant. But, joining CUBE taught me that the important thing is to never stop questioning. This is the very basis of Science, and it is not about drawing up conclusions. It embraces and works with uncertainties, new evidences, and thus sharpens our understanding of reality. Science is dynamic in nature. It is not a fixed set of facts. It is open to change and is constantly changing.
For the longest time, it was thought that the Earth was the center of the solar system. Ptolemy had invented the geocentric planetary model which said that celestial bodies moved in a fixed circular motion around the earth. Later on, Copernicus came up with his heliocentric system and named the sun, as the center of the solar system. Around 1514, Copernicus completed a written work, Commentariolus, a 40-page manuscript which summarized his heliocentric planetary system and included mathematical formulas meant to serve as proof. With the technologies at hand, we can easily observe that Copernicus was right and the sun is the center of our solar system. The process of doing science involves sieveing out misconceptions time.
CUBE has provided us with the perfect environment to nurture our thinking, helping us to arrive at logical conclusions through online causeries involving curious minds all over the country. I’m very happy and proud to be a CUBEist. I’ve so many wonderful mentors who point out my mistakes whilst also encouraging and supporting my initiatives and ideas. CUBE has become a wonderful habitat for all us curious minds, to teach, learn and grow!!!

Shoutout to @Arunan sir, @GN sir and @jaikishan sir for introducing me to this wonderful initiative :smile:


Wonderful @Akshitha :clap::clap::clap: Cheers to your spirit :yum::clap:…Just remember never to give up and you end up having sooooo much of knowledge :heart:just keep going with the flow and just keep making us involve in many more discussions :yum::heart:All the very best :heart: