Design a rain gauge module

Design a rain gauge module

Project Challenge

Have you ever wondered how the rain-fall is measured? Why do we need to keep the record of rainfall? Discuss this on the thread below.

Challenge 1: Design an analog version of the rain gauge and explain its working. Which design did you choose? Why? What are the limitations of the prototype? What are the learnings while making the prototype?
Challenge 2: How will you design a digital version of the rain gauge? Share your design, it’s working, the challenges which you faced while making, any interesting insights.
Challenge 3: Its time to make it into the autonomous rain gauge. Design an app/dashboard which shows the reading of the rainfall in real-time. ( Check out the - Thingsboard platform

Also, it always a good practice to cite the resources you refer to support your work. For example, if you read the basics of working of the rain-gauge module from this wiki article, do share a section as:

For inspiration of design, you can read the following thread:

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Great… It would be fun…