Design and posters for Sustainable Cities

Design and posters for Sustainable Cities

Last evening I stumbled on an exhibition of posters from a design completion on sustainable cities. There were 100 posters. I took photos of half a dozen that I am sharing below for inspiration


what is the meaning of last to posters
what do they express @punkish

I am assuming you are referring to the last «two» posters. The second to last says “En el cielo brotan estrellas que inundan la ciudad. Libre de humo” which translates to, “The stars sprout in the sky and flood the city. Smoke free.” It is a call to cut down on pollution, possibly vehicle pollution.

The last poster shows buildings that have been turned upside down and people are falling into a tree covered area and windmills (alternative energy). I leave it for you to interpret.


Wow great posters with great message
Why don’t you post some more

Unfortunately, while the exhibition has 100 posters, I photographed only 6 of them and posted all of them here :(. If I manage to go back to the exhibition, I will take more photos and post them.

You can find out more about the exhibition and the designers, but the actual posters don’t seem to be online.

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