Design Challenge: Easy ways to detect air flow in a space

Ventilation is being recognised as an important tool to reduce the risk from COVID in shared spaces. This becomes especially important if we are taking care of COVID patient in the home and need to figure out how to arrange the space to safely care for them, without the entire household getting infected. We know that just keeping distance is not enough anymore, since the virus laden aerosol particles can build up in the air over time. This is also really important in hospitals and vaccination centres.

We need to be able to tell the flow of air in the room, so that table fans or other devices can be set up appropriately to direct the flow of air outside, where the aerosol quickly gets diluted (the “outside” is really really large)

So – the challenge is to come up with good ideas for how to figure out the flow of air in a space. Think multiple solutions. Think solutions that are SUPER cheap, that require only resources one might have at hand, or very commonly available in the market, think solutions that do not require a lot of technical knowledge to implement, and that can be deployed very very quickly.

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