Designing a raised bed using bamboo

Designing a raised bed using bamboo


This is a short-term collaborative project of immediate significance to the local community. If you have a garden around and you want to make a raised bed and trellis, then this is something which might interest you and your friends!

The project idea was proposed by @deborah who is an active member of the gardening team at HBCSE.
Makers Involved: Jude ( @jtd), Deborah ( @deborah), Manoj, Ravi (@ravi31), Pranshi @Pranshi, Anupama (@Anupama )
Dates: 25-26 Feb 2020

Here is the pictorial journey of the same!

Surveying the area! The customary team pic!
Our reward for the hard work! :smiley:

Looking forward to more such designs and variations from the community. Going forward we will build a trellis around the structure!

Happy making!