Designing an environmental initiative for your college

Design an environmental initiative for your college.

This initiative should include exact details of aims, rationale, how to implement, what things will be required to implement, possible budget, possible human resources needed to implement, awareness, etc. Basically your design should include the beginning to end of the initiative. It cannot be something generic like “we will plant trees each year”.

An example:

Aim: To reuse single use paper in your college.

Details should include

  • why is it important to reuse paper?
  • what is the basic idea of the initiative?
  • where all the paper will be collected?
  • what will happen to that used paper?
  • how will it be reused?
  • will there be collection centres?
  • what will the collection centres look like?
  • how to bring about awareness about this initiative?
  • who will coordinate this initiative? A faculty? A cosmetic staff? An admin?
  • which staff will need to be trained?
  • what is responsibility of the teachers?
  • what is responsibility of the staff?
  • what needs to be purchased in order to implement this plan?
  • what amount of money needs to spent?
  • how much paper/trees will you be saving? estimate?

Sample ideas

  1. Documenting the biodiversity on campus
  2. Designing sustainable fashion
  3. Making the campus plastic free
  4. Waste management on campus
  5. Electronic waste and its responsible disposal
  6. Awareness drives on Sustainable Menstruation
  7. Developing a green workshop series- monthly lectures
    Existing practices on campus cannot be chosen.

Hopefully, this will lead to a repository of ideas for the college as we may gain some interesting ideas for future (environmental initiatives) from the students!