Designing an experiment require theoretical knowledge or Common sense🧐☺️!

CUBE DHEMPE Created both Homelab and College lab : Congratulations to CUBE DHEMPE Cubists .

Discussion was started with @vaibhavi explaining about the DHEMPE college lab were they were Culturing Moina .

These moinas were collected by @seema from a pond at miramar ,Goa.Out of three bottle two were kept in college .

According to ~ 7 moinas are there in each bottle .The 250 ml bottle with 1/4 th of water added to it and everyday few drops of milk is added to it .

Later @Seema explained about how she was took pictures of moina .

For that she put a torch that was kept above the bottle and took pictures from the side of the bottle.
But she even though not clear about how the moina was getting more visible .

Beauty of Homelab​:green_heart::sparkles:

Later @KiranyadavR guiding her to take pictures of moina from her home .Surprisingly she saw that all moinas that first in the below ,middle all get attracted to torch light .
Then we discussed about the Phototaxis .

Creating Homelab using simple equipments :

Later we discussed about the method followed by @seema to make the culture of Moinas from her home lab .

@Seema kept tap water that in a open container for 24 hrs .

Later transferred that in a bottle with 500 ml of DC water .added 20 moinas into it .
Also she used 2 drops of milk in 500 ml of water .
@Rachel had a question that why milk !!!

what happens, if we are adding more than 2 drops

@Seema Explained about the Hypoxic and Normoxic conditions .

@Rachel had question what will happend if we are adding 1 drop ,3 drop,6 drop of milk .

Later made an experimental set up .
Setup include 1 drop milk in 250 ml of water ,3 drop milk in 250 ml of water&6 drop milk in 250 ml of water.

According to @Rachel number of moina will be double ,triple and quandruple .

According to @seema in each setup the number of moinas will be double .
Also discussed about why bacteria, because of the availability , the content of bacteria & nutrients in milk .

Let’s expect their updates of this experimental setup soon!!!

Methodology for getting Same species of Moina:Single line culture .

The interesting thing behind today’s discussion was Cubists are tried to collect moinas from their surroundings .

From DHEMPE college @seema collect water samples with moina from a pond at miramar Goa .
Later she made a experimental setup for getting single species of moina .

@sakshiconsultant2002 Shared her experience and the name of moina she had that is Moina macrocopa JSK 1.

How she now the species name !!!
let’s continue the discussion here.

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