Designing and Building Chotu_Bot

Designing and Building Chotu_Bot

Robotics are always fun, watching robots in movement is so relaxing specially when these movements are interactive .

Watch out this, Chotu_bot is responding to light.

Here Chotu_bot is tracking Black Line.

Chotu_bot is capable of tracking black line, responds to Light and avoid obstacle, one mode at a time and all it do without microcontroller. Yes microcontroller/Arduino/any other programable platform has not been used.

Journey of desgning chotu_bot starts from

And finally build this

You may want to know more about the Manual fabrication process of Chotu_Bot. Please download the process_pdf given below:

CB_Fab_Process.pdf (1.1 MB)

PCB is designed to hold the required circuitry and also been made itself the chassis. We have sent our design for PCB Manufacturing. Check out this.

Black_top Black_bottom

Red_top Red_Bottom

So guys make your own Chotu_Bot with your own Design, Logics and the interaction you want. Choose what kind of chassis, motors, wheels/legs, sensors etc you will use and share your build in progress with us and we have reward for you.

Guess what reward, we will send PCB of our Chotu_Bot to you.

Feel free to seek any help on this thread.

Some of the references to start your journey: