Designing and Building EDMAD

Designing and Building EDMAD

Environmental Data Monitoring and Alert Device (EDMAD)

Inspired from a pocket friendly product on Kickstarter named airSniffler.

I thought about can we make this, thinking more on it and in between there is chat from @Arunan, he was actually want to capture the sleep cycle of phyllanthus plant and also want to map light intensity, humidity and temperature around it.

And at same time somewhere me and @jtd were also planning for making a wearable Maker badge with small display. All of these things got connection and i thought of why not to make a small pocket friendly IoT device which will slove all the purpose and must have multiple use case.

So I draw this block diagram.

I am just thinking how about making this small device and keeping it in the pocket and whenever required lets use it.

Thinking more about is feasibility and end use i found interesting open source hardware just check it out.

Then i suddenly got the this post in my mind

Now the device is getting more use case and block diagram changed. We can add a camera while keeping the price low. Video Streaming, Time Lapse Picture shooting and everything can be done remotely.

@Arunan, @mayur, @jtd, @G_N, @ravi31 lets discuss for development of this device, what more things we can add and other possibilities. I think development of this device will be potential STEM project with field use case also.

Just imagine @Arunan will be having one in his pocket, which he can use anytime, anywhere.

#Happy Designing and Development.


Very COOOL idea. Let’s accept the challenge.

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Can you explain what are the things you will be using as in the block diagram there is some terms which I didn’t understand can you explain a bit… @Ashish_Pardeshi


@bivasnag this device will be small pocket friendly one or can be a kind of key chain form factor, it will be equipped with few sensors and a small oled screen where you can observe the real time humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, air quality and light intensity values. You can also send the readings to IoT server.

Will also planned to have a tiny camera on this device which can be used as time lapse camera, or web video streaming.

The most important part is to make this device low power consumption standalone and portable, where we need put a battery inside this device with all mechanism to charge, protect and monitor the battery (one can understand this as the same way battery charging take place in smart phones).
Battery Management System (BMS) will take care of all these things. So we also need to design BMS.

This Device will also be equipped with a tiny vibrator motor and buzzer for giving alerts.

Now talking about its one of the use case, you put this small device near phyllantus plant , where device is capturing plants photos at regular interval
with date-time stamp and also monitoring Humidity, temperature, air quality, atmospheric pressure , light intensity around it.

There are many use case, just take it out from your pocket, switch it on and observe readings of various parameters and also capture images.

Please add views for it and also the use case which can help you in your work.