Developing an Instrument in Homelabs : Olfactometer

Snail modelsystem: A great area for Cubists to pursue.

Today (17/08/2023) we had a very interesting discussion regarding Food preference test in Snails.

But in discussion, Shraddha got confused between how a snail looks like suddenly Susanta Tanti CUBE sir sended a picture of Snail& explained that to Shraddha .

It is very easy to find a Snail…
What is the current updates of Snails in your homelab Thikan CUBE Vatsal Savla CUBE CHINTAN CUBE ,Bhagwati Mam ,Nidhidevdas CUBE, Enas Vijaya Tilak CUBE &others.

Picture added by Susanta Tanti CUBE .

Can we all look around and collect this Snails & observe which food this Snail will choose in our homelabs, Are they good in sensing smelll!!!.

Can we standardizise our Experimental setups !!!.

Experimental setup from @thikan.

How can we make a instrument to check the Food preferences in snails ?

Cubists are developing an Instrument in Homelabs .

Are we making this as a jock or really are we going to do that !!!

a Sound raised in Today’s Chatshaala ,Arunan sir .

Why not we can make an instrument to check the Food preferences in Snails .What will be our first steps .

1)Measuring the size of Snail.@̇Vatsal Savla CUBE explained that we can take snails out of a basket and take the measure by Scale.@̇Vatsal Savla CUBE can you explain How CUBE Somaiya cubists are going to do that !!)

  1. drawing a circle in a paper which nearly 30cm (Size of the snail is 10cm)and putting that on a white glass sheet!?@Charvi DSC @̇Vatsal Savla CUBE &others

Experimental setup.

3)Keeping snail at the center of a circle , the anterior part will face towards 3’O clock position. 4)Adding 1 drop of water at both12’O clock &6’O clock position .

5)Repeating this experiment for 10 times.

Left side Diagram was of my Expectations and Right side diagram was of @Charvi DSC .How can we improve our setupscan you explain the thought behind your expectation.

Discussion on Context to Curriculum whatsapp Group

[7:38 am, 17/08/2023] Arunan sir: :+1::+1::+1: What is the expectation of the designer of this Instrument?

Whose design is it?
What is this instrument expected to measure?
[7:43 am, 17/08/2023] Arunan sir: How about changing the orientation of the snail each time, once the anterior end towards 3O’ clock and next time at 9 O’ clock position, alternately?

Would that be giving a fair chance to avoid bias?
[7:45 am, 17/08/2023] Arunan sir: What makes the snail move from the original position at the center?
[9:30 am, 17/08/2023] Arunan sir: Principles of Instrumentation

What is the Instrument, cubists including @̇Vatsal Savla CUBE @Theertha @Charvi DSC, @Shraddha @Khushi @shalinisharma and others were trying to fabricate, during yesterday’s Chatshaala?


How to develop Cubists olfactometer further !?@̇Vatsal Savla CUBE @Charvi DSC @Himanshu Joshi @Charvi DSC@Dhanraj Tribhuvan @Thikan CUBE @Vijaya Tilak CUBE @CHINTAN CUBE please do comment . *Snail will kept on the center of circle *.

*C1 & C2 was the water container . *

*Experiment will repeate for 10times and snails position was mentioned by 1,2,3 etc *

*Each time we are changing the anterior part of the snail to 12’o clock & 6’o clock * .*Which means ,in 1st run anterior part of snail towards 12’o clock position and in second times towards 6’o clock position .

*Expectation : Snail wil intercept circle based on how the anterior part kept . *@shalinisharma @Charvi DSC @̇Vatsal Savla CUBE @Charvi DSC @CHINTAN CUBE & others

Himanshu joshi CUBE
Is it an olfactometer that we are trying to fabricate…
How to standardise (calibrate) such instrument?


Okey …I had heard this term “olfactometer” from @Jaikishan CUBE .
olfactometer :This must be an instrument for measuring the sense of Smell ,is it !?@Himanshu Joshi @Jaikishan CUBE & others

When I search for olfactometer ,i got this references @Himanshu Joshi

This is about an olfactometer related to human olfactory system. There they were mentioned about,
The variables which will affect olfactometric measurements [12] are:

  • olfactometer design;
  • test procedure;
  • differing sensitivity of observers;
  • data quality;
  • measurement uncertainty.

I guess yesterday in Chatshaala we tried to cover 1)Design 2)test procedure 3)Our expectation about the food preferences in snails . !!What all things we need to focus !?

Today we had a very interesting discussion starting with @⁨̇Vatsal Savla CUBE⁩ @⁨Charvi DSC⁩ @⁨Dhanraj others.

*How can we improve our Olfactometer instrument further !?

Later we came across a question that *where do we get Snails !! Is that a Pest !!!

*@⁨Arunan sir⁩ mentioned a story of How He came across Giant african snail in HBCSE and How abhijeet and other cubists learned about Hibernation &Other things about Snails.

Later we came across Biology and Habitat of Giant african snail
,Where do we get references about that!!!

.What is a good reference !!!

Vatsal Savla CUBE mentioned about Reliability of a journal in terms of Peer-reviewing !!!

How actually an article is Published in a journal ,What all procedures are there!!! Can we consider CUBE Is center where we are constructing knowledge eveyday that peer-reviewed by Cubists by adding Multiple cross references.

Lets construct our Knowledge further by asking questions & adding multiple references .

We also discussed about Metastudio site ,where we are documenting our works.We search for Jaikishan C.elegance we got the write up added by @jaikishan

Screenshots of Participants:

Word cloud of 24 hrs (from 16th August to 17th August) based on discussion of CUBE Context to Curriculum WhatsApp group