Developing Regional CUBE HUBS & NODES

In our conventional setting, science is limited to laboratories and classrooms. That too fails to convey the fundamental notion of science. Nobody in India or very rarely some people Gossip about the happenings in science with their friends, family, or any other individual. That’s why CUBE(Collaboratively Understanding Biology Education) which works out of the conventional setting aims to create such Addas or Nukkads where people not only gossip about science but celebrate it by imbibing the culture and passing it on to others…

CUBE has developed this concept of HUBS & NODES which aims to provide STEM enthusiasts and every common people a platform or space to carry out science activities. COVID-19 lockdown gave CUBE an opportunity or we can say gave a thrust towards this goal. CUBE has many “Homelabs” across India. But the very important step after this is networking it with some common points. Those points can be called CUBE HUBS & NODES.

K.J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai had dedicated a Lab in their college for CUBE activities and now the time has come to develop it as a NODAL Centre.
K.J.Somaiya College Of Science and Commerce is in Mumbai Suburban Region very close of Vidyavihar Railway station of Central Line of Mumbai Local Rail Network.

Chatshaala in Somaiya CUBE LAB about Anindita’s and Sakshi’s Moina and Hydra Culture​:smiley::grin:. Why did sakshi’s hydra culture die? CUBE Somaiya College Lab, 9th June 2023, Video AbhijeetSingh.

This is the CUBE LAB of Somaiya College and the CUBists from K.J.Somaiya College and students from other colleges in Mumbai like NES Ratnam College, Elphinstone College, and Kelkar College met in Somaiya College and Discussed their work.

From the left there is Varsha Singh and Satish Naidu from Somaiya College then there is Anup Kumar from NES Ratnam College.
Sitting beside Anup there is Ayush Shetty from Somaiya College.

And Sitting Beside Ayush There is Gaurangi Dhuri. Gaurangi was my senior in school(Adarsha Vidyalaya). I used to visit CUBE, HBCSE, TIFR, and Mumbai along with her and other friends.

Adjacent to Gaurangi is Dhanraj Tribhuvan from Elphinstone College, Mumbai.

Standing in the middle of the door is Dr. Meena Patankar ma’am from the Dept of Botany, K.J. Somaiya College. Standing next to Meena Ma’am towards the right side is Smiti Gupta from Elphinstone College, Mumbai. Next to smiti is Sahamatha. Sahamatha is Kishore Bharati Fellow and came to help us in our CUBE activities.

With the help of Dr. Meena Patankar Ma’am and Ashutosh Mule CUBists are able to get access to the lab. We are constantly trying to Develop this as a HUB for all. This center will inspire many more centres to start across India. :smiley:

Lets play the STEM games together.


What is the plan of action after this meeting on 9 June 2023? @Abhi0703
How many model systems are being maintained currently? Who are the collaborators for research questions, based on these model systems?
What is the plan of action for next few days?

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Flow chart of discussion by CUBists In CUBE SOMAIYA COLLEGE LAB on 9th June 2023.


Hello everybody,

I just want to comment how grateful I am to know about your engagement in the CUBE projects. Thanks for your job and please get going with stuff. The world is too big for not to focus on our passions! I am serious.


While discussing i made this flowchart.:smiley: When Anindita and Varsha Started to discuss this question came up that Is the Red appearance of moina Hereditary in Nature? How shall we find out it in a scientific way?:thinking: The possible outcomes are that it is hereditary or not hereditary. To find out we need to do experiments(Tests). I would like @⁨Varsha Singh⁩ to explain her suggestions Experimental setup to find it out. Photo:- Abhijeet Singh. 14th June 2023.


We had discussion on Microbial Load contain in Fruit Juices. We had talk on Different methods of Microbial Techniques to reframe the experiment in Different ways.

We were discussing about various types of Proteins associated in Different milk products such as (eg. Yak and Cow )


CUBists Meet-up in Somaiya CUBE LAB for preparation of CUBE NATIONAL MEET 2023😃. Shraddha, Smiti, Dhanraj, Sakshi collaborating with Somaiya CUBists to plan on setting up model systems in CUBE Somaiya College Lab and follow up. 3rd July 2023. Vidyavihar, Mumbai.

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FOLLOW UP ON CUBE SOMAIYA COLLEGE LAB MEET-UPS​:smiley::partying_face: @⁨Shraddha Cube⁩ from CUBE New Panvel helping @⁨Vaibhav Pednekar KKSSC⁩ to setup Phyllanthus model system in Somaiya CUBE LAB. And @⁨Varsha Singh⁩ is thinking about her research question in Moina Model Systems. Let’s follow up @Vaibhav_Pednekar @Varsha18 @vatsal2000 @Gala_Chintan @Shraddha276 and others…

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Co-ordinators and collaborators of each model system in Somaiya College Lab.

1) Moina macrocopa
Co-ordinator: Varsha Singh
Collaborator: Anindita, Vatsal, Vaibhav, Abhijeet.

2) Earthworms
Co-ordinator: Vatsal Savla
Collaborator: Abhijeet, Ayush

3) Phyllanthus
Co-ordinator: Vaibhav Pednekar
Collaborator: Abhijeet, Shraddha, Vatsal

4) Cardamine
Co-ordinator: Abhijeet Singh.

5) Snail
Co-ordinator: Satish Naidu
Collaborator: Abhijeet, Chintan, Vatsal

Above all of these CUBists are from Somaiya College.

  1. Fruitfly
    Co-ordinator: Smiti Gupta
    Collaborator: Shweta

7) Chlorohydra
Co-ordinator: Dhanraj Tribhuvan, Anindita Mandal.

@⁨Varsha Singh⁩ @⁨Anindita CUBE Kj⁩ @⁨Vatsal KJSSC⁩ @⁨Chintan Gala KJSSC⁩ @⁨Vaibhav Pednekar KKSSC⁩ @⁨Ayush Real⁩ @⁨Smiti CUBE⁩ @⁨Dhanraj⁩ @⁨Sathish KJSSC⁩ @⁨shweta KJSSC CUBE⁩
Though these people have dedicated themselves to a particular model system, they will still be collaborating and helping other collaborators in different model systems😃

CUBE Somaiya College Meet. Adding a new member in our community. @⁨Smit Lokhande Elphinstone⁩ from Elphinstone college. Please introduce yourself and write a short summary of whall all things we did yesterday. Photo outside CUBE Somaiya College Lab Vidyavihar Mumbai. 2nd Dec 2023.

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CUBists working in CUBE Somaiya College Lab and making it the only open lab in K J Somaiya College Building till 5:30pm in the evening :handshake::+1::grin: @⁨Smit Lokhande Elphinstone⁩ @⁨Smiti⁩ @⁨Vatsal KJSSC⁩ collaborating for AABE Group Interaction at Somaiya. CUBE Somaiya College Lab Vidyavihar Mumbai. 4th March 2024.

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