Do Plants sleep AT Night?

Do Plants sleep AT Night?

Do plants sleep at night? :thinking: if yes! then how do we study the pattern at what time does the plant sleep and when does the plant wake up? Are they following any rhythm/pattern of sleeping and waking up? if the plant slept, how would we know that it slept? And wouldn’t be fun to know all this? wouldn’t be fun to know the Science/molecular mechanism behind the Circadian rhythm in Phyllanthus plant? Surprisingly, :grinning: i found Phyllanthus plants on the roof of my house in every plant pot.

To understand the Sleep wake pattern of a Phyllanthus plant, i have planted four Phyllanthus plants in one pot, have kept this pot in natural environment and i will be observing the sleep wake pattern that’s at what time these four plants will open its leaves or closing them at what time? I’ll be observing these plants for a week, every day wake up and sleeping time will be updated here, and after a week i am going to put this pot (having Four Phyllanthus plants) inside the room under the LED light to observe the effect of continuous light on the sleep wake pattern.

Photo of a Phyllanthus plant in one of my plant pot.

Date of photo: 12.06.2020
Location: Khushhalpur Moradabad UP.

These are the Four Phyllanthus Plants that i have planted in this pot to study sleep wake cycle.
Date of the set up: 18.06.2020
Date of the photo: 18.06.2020
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Khushhalpur Moradabad UP.
Moradabad Coordinates: 28.8386° N, 78.7733° E
Sunrise Time: 05:16 am
Sunset Time: 07:16 pm
Temperature Range:
High temp. 40 degree C
Low temp. 27 degree C
The above data of is taken from

Cube Collaborators:
MC Arunan from Cube HBCSE Mumbai
P. Chitralekha from Cube JNU, Delhi
Lakshmi PJ from Cube SN Nattika College, Kerala
Shraddha Sonavane from Cube RJ College, Mumbai
Mandar Chavan from Cube CHM College
Nidhi Kapileshwari from Cube Goa
SusantaTanti from Cube Assam
Shyam TG from Cube SN Nattika College, Kerala
Hina Mudgal from Cube Kanpur

Update on sleeping time of Phyllanthus plants.
Sunset Time: 07:16 pm
Location: Moradabad
Date of photo: 18.06.2020
Time: 06: 34 pm

Update on wake up time of Phyllanthus plants
Sunrise Time: 05:16 am
Location: Moradabad
Date of photo: 19.06.2020
Time of photo: 06:14 am

Update on sleeping time of Phyllanthus plant
Sunset Time: 07:16pm
Location: Moradabad
Date of photo: 19.06.2020
Time of photo: 06:43pm
Time of photo:


Why are we looking at only Phyllanthus plants?

I see many plants doing this everyday! Any special reasons understandable by normal folks?