Does learning transfer from larvae to fruit flies? (via Sanjay)

Training in later stages of larvae carry forward to adult stage. Fruitfly groups doing learning studies with larvae need to take a look at this!
“In addition, we report that larvae trained at third instar still showed odor aversion after two molts, as fifth instars, but did not avoid the odor as adults, consistent with the idea that post-metamorphic recall involves regions of the brain that are not produced until later in larval development.”
The experiment setup


Looks interesting!
Need to look upon this in detail.
The description provided above is quite confusing to me though.

Interesting, a similar Y-tube (glass tube) is used in performing geotactic (responses to gravity), learning assays on adult fruitflies.


From the abstract, it appears that, the memories from fifth instar larvae but not 3rd transfer to the adult fly.


This is adding even more to my confusion!
From the discussions that we have in CUBE chatShaala and in the groups, it is known that Fruitfly typically Drosophila melanogaster has only three instars in its larval stage.
" Their life cycle is broken down into 4 stages: embryo, larva, pupa, adult.[16] The eggs, which are about 0.5 mm long, hatch after 12–15 hours (at 25 °C or 77 °F).[11][12] The resulting larvae grow for about 4 days (at 25 °C) while molting twice (into second- and third-instar larvae), at about 24 and 48 h after hatching.[11][12]"

@Lydia @saswathy679 @yash_sheregare can confirm, though!

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First of all, surprised to know that there are more instars than what we usually tell.
I’ve always seen and read 3 instar or 3 stages of fruit fly larva.

But are there more instars of fruit fly larva?
Or maybe that, this is not a fruit fly that we are talking about…it must be some other fly. :thinking:

I didn’t understand that why won’t the training done in the larval stages be remembered or transferred to the adult flies?
Because we as human beings (or adults) remember things that we have been trained with, in our childhood.

So, it may be that even the fruit flies follow the same.


Sorry for the confusion. The study was not based on fruitflies, hence the differences in the instars.

But still the findings could be relevant to fruitflies.

@Lydia The question is what happens during metamorphosis. The entire body and its structure changes, but learning is retained.

Here they say learning in later larval stages is retained and the that in earlier larval stages is not.

Please read the paper and let me know if I understand it correctly.