Does the fruitfly sleep? This question was raised by a 9th grade student from CUBE Sapekhati

Does the fruit fly sleep? This question was raised by Bijaylakhi, a 9th-grade student from CUBE Sapekhati, who set up an experiment in her home lab.

She wanted to see if fruit flies sleep, so she began counting the number of fruit flies in her setup at different time intervals.

After Chatshaala, she placed slices of tomato on white paper to attract the fruit flies.

The next day, she repeated the experiment with a second setup.

Susanta sir:Good discussion is going on in the chatshala. Please join and encourage.

Set up 1 - 2 fruitfly on tomato ,time 11:17 , Date:10/05/2024

Set up 2 - 1 fruitfly on tomato, time 11 : 18pm , photo:Bijaylakhi Nayak at home lab , main date : 10/05/2024 ke raat mein yeh photo send karna bhul gai thi isiliye Maine yeh photo date:11/05/2024 mein send kara hai

Set up 2 - 11 fruitfly on tomato, time 06:35am ,Date: 11/05/2024, photo:Bijaylakhi Nayak at kitchen.

Set up 1 - 9 fruitfly on tomato, time 06:35 am ,Date : 11/05/2024 , photo:Bijaylakhi Nayak at bedroom

Set up 1 - 4 fruitfly on tomato, time 6:49am, Date: 12/05/2024 , photo:Bijaylakhi Nayak at bedroom.

Set up 2 - 33 fruitfly on tomato, time 6:50 am ,Date: 12/05/2024 ,photo:Bijaylakhi Nayak at kitchen.

Set up 1 - fruitfly on tomato, time 09:27 pm , Date: 10/05/2024, photo:Bijaylakhi Nayak at home lab

Set up 1- fruitfly on tomato, time 09:28 ,Date : 10/05/2024 , photo: Bijaylakhi Nayak at home lab

Here is a summary of Bijayalakhi’s observations.

[11/05, 9:32 am] Kiran Ma’am: Bijaylakhi’s experiment Summary
SET UP: 02
Date of set up: 10.05.2024
Time : 05.00 pm
06.00 pm: 03 Fruit flies
08.00 pm: 00 Fruit flies
08.42 pm: 01 Fruit flies
09.09 pm: 00 Fruit flies
11.18 pm: 01 Fruit flies
Date: 11.05.2024
06.35 am: 11 Fruit flies
[11/05, 9:33 am] Kiran Ma’am: Bijaylakhi’s experiment Summary
Date of set up: 09.05.2024
Time: 10.00 pm
07.45 am: 09 Fruit flies
04.00 pm: 25 Fruit flies
08.42 pm: 06 Fruit flies
09.09 pm: 07 Fruit flies
11.17 pm: 02 Fruit flies
Date: 11.05.2024
06.35 am: 09 Fruit flies.

Discussion in Chatshaala:

After this chatshaala session,Bijaylakhi made the setup.

White board Chatshaala of yesterday’s discussion
Bijayalakhi made two set up of tomato and kept one in bedroom and other in the kitchen to find out activity pattern of fruitfly.

Very photograph taken by Bijayalakhi 9th Standard student. Congratulations.
One male and female pregnant fruitfly can be seen clearly. Other body parts like head, thorax abdomen and wing also labelled.

Top view of fruitfly showing its eye (orangish) wings attached to thorax and its legs.
Photo credit: Bijayalakhi.

Group photographs of participants:

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Fruitfly culture setup in CUBE Sapekhati higher secondary school,Assam .

Bismita, a 7th standard cubist brings her Fruit flies trapped in a bottle to School Lab on 9 May2024 .

We have three bottles of fruitfly trapped and brought to school lab for demonstrating others. Left By Kashyap Das, Middle by myself and right one by Bismita.
Date 10/5/2024
Susanta Tanti

Follow up WhatsApp group discussions:

[10/05, 11:59 am] Kiran Ma’am: Fantastic :+1:
How many fruit flies are there in the bottle and how were they trapped? Please share all the details
[10/05, 12:01 pm] Kiran Ma’am: Why the left bottle is closed in such a way ?? How many fruit flies are there in each of the bottles?

Can we also introduce the concept of single line culture and some alternative media culture to sustain these cultures.
[10/05, 12:26 pm] Arunan sir : Congratulations :+1::+1::+1::handshake: Bismita.
[10/05, 12:29 pm] Arunan sir : Looks like the left side bottle is very old.
Why not Kashyap improve his bottle clean sing method using a small cotton cloth as a plug? @⁨Kashyap Sapekhati⁩ Let’s show progress.

@⁨Susanta Tanti CUBE⁩ Please give the description of dates and the location from where each experimenter has trapped these flies.

Let’s also have close up photos. :+1::+1::+1::handshake:
[10/05, 1:04 pm] Susanta Tanti CUBE: 6 flies in the bottle
[10/05, 1:13 pm] Arunan sir : Let’s get some video evidence of the bottle. :+1::+1::+1::handshake: @⁨Susanta Tanti CUBE⁩.

Fruitfly trapped by Bismita at Cube home Lab, Sapekhati, Date 10/5/2024

2nd generation flies in the same bottle with raw mango peel. Need to transfer to another set up. 10/5/2024.

Fruitfly on bisleri May2024. photo:Biswayini Tudu

We have some fruit flies at school lab trapped by Bismita at her home. Date 17/5/ by @Susanta_Tanti