Doorstep Biodiversity: A context for Evolutionary Biology, Epigenetics and Artificial Intelligence

Urban Ecology is one the hot topics in biology and an integral part of Biology Curriculum. But how do we make it easy and also a context for Evolution, Genetics, Population Isolation and Speciation and other branches of biology to make our understanding of these concepts easy? Dont worry CUBEists are here to help you out! :smiley: :handshake: .

I am sure you have seen the roadside manhole lid and such depressions on them as shown in the photo below. Well, but why the word Pagalapos, CUBEists while working on this found some people saying Pagal hai kya which became Pagalapos from Galapagos.

Photo Credit: Mandar Chavhan

Here is why they are so important for CUBEists:

For instance, I was not knowing about what exactly was Pagalapos so I just searched Pagalapos on ChatGPT and it gave no response.

whereas when i searched pagalapos on the Copilot it showed the exact same response what I was searching for

where is ChatGPT lacking in giving information on Pagalapos instead Copilot very easily delivered @Enas
All these are language model and are trained on diverse datasets from the internet and are capable of generating human-like text based on the input they receive. Copilot is updated and ChatGPT is not since its last Knowledge update was in January 2022.
similar question was asked in TIFR JGEEBILS 2023 to which we can realate our concept of understanding these language models

similarly in these context of Pagalapos we discussed if we could find Chlorella which is an algae. There is a possibility that Chlorella (algae) can be found in Pagalapos. There could be a whole microbiodiversity existing in Pagalapos, but could the presence be obligatory or facultative? @Arunan @shalinisharma98

Chlorella in context of Chlorohydra has symbiotic association of Chlorella which provides energy to the hydra and in turn hydra provides shelter to the Chlorella. There could be the incomplete dependence between hydra and Chlorella. What do you think ?@Arunan @shalinisharma98 @Deven @mayur

similarly can only Chlorella be observed in Pagalapos? In case of Sakshi when she was culturing Cholorohydra, she observed Chlorella coming out of hydra and when observed in microscope cupshaped structure Chlorella was visible.

In link to the work Iā€™m doing i.e. Effect of HDAC Inhibitor on Regeneration of Chlorohydra. @shalinisharma98 clarified that HDAC Inhibitors are used to study Epigenetics, Gene expression and various studies.
Lets understand Genetics and Epigenetics and build up more on this. :smiley:

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