Drosophila identification

Drosophila identification

Drosophila group : Single line - SL-K identification
CsBz- D. melanogaster as Control
Family -Drosophilidae characteristics
Venation pattern of wings -

  1. 2 breaks on coastal vein
  2. Incomplete subcoastal vein
  3. Presence of anal cell
    Bristles on the head -
  4. Presence of ocelli triangle and a pair of bristles called convergent post ocelli bristles
  5. 3 pairs of bristles : 1 pair in the forward direction and 2 pairs in the backward direction
  6. Presence of arista - branch of antennae
  7. Oral vibrissae - pair of large bristles above mouth

Reference - Quick Identification Guidelines 2013 - Oregon State university.
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Don’t you think posting photos regarding your identification would make it easier to understand?

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Yes… But we are not able to upload any picture

Yes, you may be new to the STEM games. As @G_N sir said earlier, it is a game, so you need to keep replying to messages till you reach a certain level then you can upload photos and videos (upto a certain size).

Till then, keep posting!!! :grinning:


@harshitabhanushali99 @Lydia what is the status of identification of Drosophila melanogaster species in your respective colleges(Elphinstone and RJ college)?
Eagerly looking forward to updates and plan of work…


@Lydia please post your current work report here. Which cultures are you maintaining currently?
Why not write daily plan of work, here and initiate discussion on identification of drosophila?

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I’ll give updates about the identification of fruit flies in this thread…
Creating a new thread of my daily reports of my drosophila culture in RJ college :+1:


Looking for updates from Yash and your other collaborators! @Lydia


I’m currently not doing any work as it’s my SEM end …
So for now I’ll ask @yash_sheregare to pitch in with this work.
As he has some identification work done with the native flies in CUBE lab :+1:

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