Drosophila, Moina and Hydra under home "quarantine"

Drosophila, Moina and Hydra under home "quarantine"

As the lockdown was announced, none of the CUBE students could come to the lab. They were managing the lab for over 8 years. For the first time, we had to interrupt their enthusiasm to enter the CUBE lab.

Yesterday I went to the CUBE lab, took five bottles of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) of CsBz variety, and aboother five empty media bottles, one beaker containing Hydra viridis (brown hydra), some Yeast granules and five bottles of Moina (water fleas). @KiranyadavR and @yash_sheregare helped me find the supplies required through phone conference. They have all reached safely and occupied my son’s study table at home.

Left snails, earthworm, butterflies, aquarium with plenty of fish were left behind, but in the safe custody of Rossi D’Souza, who is locked down inside the campus.

Meanwhile CUBE students are doing online causery everyday through https://webinar.metastudio.org


Thank you so much @G_N sir for collaborating with us! :grin: Can we get any updates on the Drosophila Cultures, whether they are all fine, in the form of pictures :camera:? Nothing else…
Grateful :smiley: :slight_smile: :innocent:


Thanks for the headsup. Though flies are live after transferring to the new bottle, the new bottle now has water inside the walls. The flight may get stuck to the walls and die. I don’t have an AC room at home to reduce the humidity? Any ideas?

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@G_N sir

@Isha_23 faced a similar problem too and she changed the location of keeping the fruit fly bottles. Initially she was keeping it in her Hall, now she keeps it near bedroom window… I fail to understand difference it made but it worked…