E3 | STEAMBoat | Patterns in a Calendar!

Announcement STEAMboat initiative, HBCSE

About the Talk: We all love uncovering patterns, whether it’s deciphering a movie plot or figuring out puzzles, playing chess, or solving crosswords. Have you ever wondered what kind of patterns you might find in the calendar? We invite you to join us on the next STEAMboat voyage, to experience the joy of unfolding the hidden mysteries embedded within this seemingly simple structure of numbers.

The session is open to all those who are interested in connecting mathematics with their surroundings. The discussions will resonate with students and educators from the middle and high school (Grade 6-10) space.

The live session will be in Hindi. Versions in other languages will also be made available late.

About the Speaker:
Harita Raval is an education researcher and communicator working in the area of school mathematics education at HBCSE. She is passionate about developing and understanding hands-on mathematics activities for teachers and students.

Sunday, 09 Jan 2022, 11am IST.

Zoom webinar: Link

Watch it live or recorded on YouTube Here.

More info and all links at https://steamboat.hbcse.tifr.res.in