chatshaala 28th October: We began our discussion with our somaiya vidyavihar University’s CUBE lab earthworm culture setup. We discussed, how many earthworms are there and in what we have categorised them into. We came across a question that ‘why is labelling important’ and ‘how should we do it’? We talked about the correct ways to label the containers.
Correct way:- mention the count of your earthworms, date of when you set up your culture, species, clitellum or non-clitellum earthworms.
The importance of labelling is for our observation purpose. To see how the condition was before and now. To make our process easier.
Regularly upload pictures of your setup and of earthworms, will help us to understand better by giving us an update about the condition of the earthworms and what is new to look in.
We discussed one of the interesting topics today, that is, how to identify the species of earthworms.
Earthworms are not only differentiated by their colour, but also by their saddle.
Position and colour of the saddle, earthworms size and length.
Distinguishing earthworms will help us to know more about their features. And according to it we can categorise them and study their anatomy.
The earthworms are reddish brown in colour, because of the pigment present in them called porphyrin, which protects the earthworms from harmful UV rays.

Species i have in my CUBE lab based on their characteristics are 1) lumbricus terrestris. It is reddish brown on the one part, whereas whitish on the other. It is also bulgy in the end. 2)eisenia fetida. Its saddle colour is similar to the rest of the body. It is shorter and narrower. 3)eisenia Veneta. Its saddle colour is different from the rest of the body. It is long and broad.

Do labelling properly. Mentioning dates is important. Based on the characteristic features, look for the species of the earthworms.


@Diksha09 please share some photographs of your earthworm cultures. Can you also share reference of how to categorize earthworms?

These are a few pictures of earthworms from Somaiya Vidyavihar University CUBE lab. These pictures are reference to the summary i shared above. Here, you can see the colour difference between the earthworms.

This picture will help you to categorise your earthworms. In this picture they have shown very important and basic steps to categorise an earthworm.

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Here is the link of the picture which @Diksha09 forgot to put…
Key characteristics to find out species of your earthworm

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