Effects of various wavelengths of colors on Moina

Effects of various wavelengths of colors on Moina

@Sjuday2527, @drishtantmkawale and I had this conversation on stem chat a day after the dead Moina incident with him. After which we decided to carry out an experiment about effects of every wavelength of light on Moina in major Red, Green and Blue since this is how we measure colors in computers by setting the intensities of this three colors on a range of 0-255.

This thread centers on designing an experiment to study just that and ways to carry it out, letting people know about it and to discuss anything related to it.


Today after meeting with @Sjuday2527 and @drishtantmkawale we carried out the experiment with Moina where we kept them for 5 minutes of exposure in blue light and there was no change in behavior recorded what so ever except for the normal attraction towards light source.

I would also like to suggest a model for the experiment that would be done with the help of one light source, a box with 3 compartments, some kind of flat container and 3 mobiles.

The colored opening would be taken by printing out color with the given RGB values.

The mobile will provide the recording to measure heartbeat and there movement speed.
I want opinions on this @jaikishan, @jtd, @Sjuday2527, @drishtantmkawale

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Yesterday, after keeping the moinas in blue illumination… they did not get paralyzed but when I asked @Sjuday2527 about their motility (rapid movement), he said that their movement was a little be slower.
Maybe we should have tried keeping them some more time in the illumination.

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But as you can see pointed out in the paper it says sudden illumination.

Is there any reference paper behind this??

I have one.
Reaction of Certain cladocera to light intensity.pdf (1.0 MB)

Check this link :


For the full content with reference papers check this book’s chapter 13:

Nikolai N. Smirnov (Auth.) - Physiology of the Cladocera-Academic Press (2014).pdf (9.7 MB)

@pratittodkar @drishtantmkawale

what is the objective?
what is the research question?
why not mention it in the plan before carrying out an experiment?
please help all of us to understand what exactly you are trying to address?

Objective: To check the effects of three basic colours on Moina.

Research Question: What are the effects of different wavelengths of light on Moina?

We are trying to address or rather to verify one of the research article

Stating that Moina are paralyzed by sudden illumination to Blue light and also that they react differently to different wavelengths of light.