• The electroscope is an instrument used to detect the presence of charge.
  • Electroscope is used to measure charge quantitatively.
  • It can only give rough indication of the quantity of charge.

Working procedure of electroscope
The principle of an electroscope is based on the atomic structure of the elements, charge induction, the internal structure of metal elements and the idea that like charge repels each other while unlike charge attracts each other.

Types of electroscope

  • Pith Ball electroscope
  • Gold Leaf electroscope

Pith Ball Electroscope:

  • Pith-ball was invented by John Canton in the year 1754.

  • It consists of one or two small light balls that are a lightweight non-conductive substance called pith.

  • In order to find if the object is charged or not, it is brought near uncharged pith ball.

  • If the ball gets attracted towards the object it means the object is charged.Pith

Gold Leaf electroscope:

  • Gold-leaf electroscope was developed by Abrahem Bennet in the year 1787, which is more sensitive than a pith-ball electroscope.

  • It consists of a vertical metal rod which has two parallel strips of thin flexible gold leaf hang to it.

  • To prevent the gold leaf from drafts of air, it is kept in glass bottle.

  • The gold leaves spread apart into inverted ā€œVā€ when a charged object is brought near to it.

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Video Link: How to make a simple electroscope at home
Group Members: Mayank Bankoti, Ajay Singh, Tanuja Pant, Shakshi Pant


What are those green and pink arrow like objects?

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These green and pink like objects are Coloured Papers

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Are these coloured papers used in place of the gold leaves?
If yes, then how are the coloured papers providing an alternative for the gold leaves?