Embryonic development stages of nematodes captured

Embryonic development stages of nematodes captured

Cube Ratnam
Nematode Group

Breaking News!!!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Today while Identification of Nematode from SLC 6.1 made ( Extraction Plate 6 - Soil Sample of Guava Tree) ,
We observed the Embryo Development after Post - Fertilization:star_struck::star_struck:
We got to Observe the Nematode Embryo Developing from 4 - Celled Stage to 6 - Celled Stage :heart_eyes::star_struck: which took approximately 35 Minutes from the time we started observing the 4 - Celled Stage… :grin:The Nematode was Identified to be of Rhabditidae - Family as it had Straight Stoma. Expected to be O.tipulae has it had only 1 Basal Bulb / Grinder and Widening Pharynx Will look for Getting to Capture more of whole Embryonic Development from 1 - Celled Stage Onwards Next time… :grin::v:t2:

This is the Reference for time taken for Embryonic Development in C.elegans as of O.tipulae was not available… :-


@bivasnag please invite Kunal of Ratnam college on STEM games, so that he can share his nematode stories and pictures here


Updates please of C elegans Model system studies.

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