Energy Limited ? Unlimited ? Forever ? Truth?

Hello Everyone ! have u ever thought That Your phone is working Forever , No battery charge require ?
A bulb Thats emitts Light and charges its own Solar panel , A wheel with One side heavier as it contains water , will it go infinity ? ? ?

This Is Not Possible ! Because Of
Laws of Themodynamics

It is Called Prepetual Motion , And it is not possible ! . Prepetual Motion violates Laws of thermodynamics as the 2 main Laws Describe :
1 } Energy cannot be created , Nor destroyed .

2 } Energy always tends to spread out in form or another , Through Many Processes , also called entropy , that disorder , characterised as a quantity known as entropy, always increases . Thus , Imagine u Have a Real Machine with moving Parts that will have tiny Interactions with each other and Friction produces Heat And there is loss of energy .

One more example , As described By Robert Boyle in His experimental Idea :
! .

Even If Somehow scientists Created A never ending motion with not violating first law of Thermodynamics , The second Law sures that it’s not possible and energy always escapes .

That was all for today ! See You later !